Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tender Moment

Last night my son had another one of his barfing fit's. He has these quite regularly and I think it may be stressed related. He had a rough day (all self inflicted I must add) and I think that's just how he reacts to stress. It's something I have come to get used to and it's pretty sad when I can detect the sound of his hurling from the other end of the house. Nothing like that to drag you out of bed. The best part though is after everthing is cleaned up and were trying to calm him down he loves to crawl into our bed and wrap his arms around his mom and snuggle in. He is such a mama's boy and I love that. I can even deal with his puky breath on my face because I know he just loves his mom and that is where is draws his comfort from. I love my baby's and my baby's they will be forever!!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Chinese Food, Monster Trucks, and lot's of Girl Talk!

We had a great weekend. On friday night we were surprised by some friends ( Craig & Mary ) who had planned a fabulous evening for us. They had been planning it for some time and would not tell us anything. For those of you who don't know me well enough, I hate surprise's. I don't mind it if I don't know there comming, but the whole idea of someone planning something for me and not giving me any inside knowledge drive's me nut's. I guess I'm a little of a freak that way. If I have no idea it's comming then I'm fine but when I know something is comming my way I go nut's with that idea. I'm sure Mary enjoyed every moment of torturing me with her plan's as well, in fact I know she did and I can't blame her it's rather funny to watch me get all worked up and I'm sure she would really get a chuckle over some of the ideas I had running through my mind wondering what she had planned. Well her and her hubby brought over chinese food (my favorite) and chocolate fondue (everyone's favorite) and we ate ourselves silly and also left us with all the leftovers for the next day. I was a great evening. It's funny I see and talk to them everyday since I have there son (Conner) here while they work but I really don't get to visit too often with them so it was nice to have a real grown up evening to relax and socialize.

Then on saturday night Patrick took Liam to his first Monster Truck show. They had a great time. I mean what's better bonding then time spent with greasy stadium food (pocket dogs the food of choice this evening) lot's of really loud truck's, a whole lot of dirt and a stadium full of red necks. It's sounds like true male bonding to me. All though I have been known to attend a few of these events myself with my man by my side, it just wouldn't be safe to go alone, I mean really a woman with all her teeth and not a sister or cousin, I could end up clubbed and dragged off to a shotgun wedding and made a right purdy bride. I on the other hand had the extreme pleasure of having jen the mom over for a fun filled evening of Rolo ice cream and scrapbooking. It's become mandatory to scrapbook together because if we didn't we'd never get anything done because we always seem to be swaping each other's paper and embelleshments. It was a great weekend all around and some fabulous memories were and made and documented for all the family to enjoy.

I sure hope your weekends were just as memorable. See you soon.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tooting My Own Horn!!

I want to take a moment to let you know I do not have a self esteem problem. Today I'm feeling like I'm a pretty great person. I feel the need to boost my own ego.

I am a great wife and mom to my family. My husband is very lucky to have me. I cook, I clean, I take care of our kids, I work from home and have also worked outside the home. I bend over backward to be a good friend to everyone in my life and think I do a pretty good job of it. Today I made my husband his favorite pie for dessert "just because" and let me tell you it was awesome. I'm planning on making cookies for a pregnant friend tomorrow and today I also made extra supper for a friend so when she picked up her son tonight she wouldn't have to go home and do it herself. I do these things not for praise but because I love all the people in my life. Now for those of you who don't know me don't you wish you did. Please don't think I'm arrogant but as most stay at home mom's know we don't always get the regonition we deserve. So here I am deciding I could rot away and die before any may come my way, so I'm giving it to myself.


Think whatever you like about me now but I'm feeling pretty good. Now I'm going to try and work off that pound I put on this weekend. See Ya

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Few To Many Cinamon Buns!!

I had an absolutly fantastic weekend. I spent a few day's in Edmonton with a girlfriend that I don't get to see nearly enough. Tracy and I go way way back to our single day's and no matter how old we get we never seem to lose intrest in each other. We really didn't do to much, we just let the kids play and squeezed in some scrapbooking, and managed to get her hair looking wonderful again. The only bad thing was she made these absolutly amazing cinnamon buns and I think I over indulged because I put on 1 lb over the weekend. Well it's back to the old drawing board. I plan to start fresh tomorrow and hopefully I can shed that extra weight. Oh well was it worth it?? You bet it was.

You know I've made some pretty interesting friends over the course of my life. Some I've know for years and others I've only known for a short time. It's funny how some people from the moment they enter your lives they become a part of you and you just don't know what you would do without them. I really miss my two best buddies from back home, (you know who you are!) but I've been blessed with some great friends out here in Calgary. It's just not a good day without at least 4 or 5 calls from Jen the Mom during the course of my day. Mary is a good escape because she helps me escape from my worry's and makes me take time out for myself. Tara has been like a sister to me and we've leaned on each other through many a trial over the last couple of years. Her and I have been through more in two years then some friends go through in a life time. All of which has made us stronger. It's to bad she had to up and leave me for a new city ( big jerk ) All in all I love and adore all my friends and appreciate all they do for me. I just hope I can be as good to them as they have been to be.

Well perhaps I should get some sleep so that I won't be pulling out my hair tomorrow. Till then.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

So much to say and so little time!

Well I hope you've got a few minutes because I have a few things to share and get off my chest.
I've decided that Valentines day is far to over-rated and I don't know why we set ourselves up for disapointment. I thought I did a pretty good job letting my man know that he is loved and adored. I put a card in his lunch, left him a love letter on his computer desk, made chocolate dipped strawberries, and had our son make him a valentine poster for his office wall. I also had other romantic ideas for the rest of the evening but seeing that were both suffering from colds the rest of the evening didn't go quite as planned, much to my disapointment. Now my husband had offered to take me out for dinner last weekend, but then the kids got sick and it never happened, so he figured he was off the hook for the day and would just take me out on another available evening. WRONG!!! It still would have been nice to have gotten a card or a note or something. I don't think that's expecting to much is it? I love my husband but sometimes he forgets he lives with a woman and not just his dad anymore. Oh well, better luck next year.

Now I heard from a little birdy that my mom is feeling a little left out that I havn't mentioned her anywhere in any of my blog, well Mom this one's for you....

My mom is an absolute, grade A, number one, world class mother and friend. She has been my mentor, my friend, my example and most importantly the best mom ever to me. She is smart and funny and very attractive ( I know that for a fact because everyone say's I look just like her) She is the most amazing cook on the face of the planet, and some of my most precious memories growing up are of her and I just spending some quiet time together. It doesn't seem like that long ago I used to sit in her room and watch her put her makeup on and curl her hair. I learned that beauty is an art and comes from deep within a person. She not only taught me how to apply foundation, and eyeliner, but how to be graceful and elegant and truly classy when other's may be trying to break you down. She also taught me that I can be anything I want to be if only I belive in myself and stick to my beliefs. She never talked down to me and always respected my choices even if they may not have alway's been the best ones. She is a wonderful Nana to her now 3 grandchildren ( my brother and sister-in law just had a baby girl last night read on for more details ) and I hope that they can also appreciate her beauty and wisdom when they are older. Mom I love and adore you and hope you always know how much your love means to me. I will always be your little girl and you will always be my inspiration.

Now that I've told you how wonderful my mom is let me tell you what a rotten mom I am. I'm absolutly embarrased to admit what I did today. I didn't get much sleep last night as I was up watching Dr. Phils love match program until 11:00 and then my sweet daughter kept me awake. So needless to say I was a bit cranky this afternoon. I couldn't seem to accomplish anything I wanted to and the baby's were a little noisyer then usual. My daughter has found her voice and she can shriek at a decibal you could never imagine. Happy sounds they may be my nerves were not in the mood. Then I was fighting with the 1yr old to eat his lunch and it was a battle I was not going to win. So for no good reason I totally lost it and threw the tupperware all the way across the kitchen and then a plastic cup soon joined it. My 4yr old just stared as I screamed in frustration and proceded to freak out. I then quietly asked him to go and play downstairs and I then cleaned up my mess and sat down to contemplate what has just happened. I think I need to get more sleep or something because my poor kids are going to lock me away if this keeps up. I decided to go out for a couple hours tonight alone to try and unwind from the day and I must say I do feel much better. Please tell me I'm not alone, and there are others out there who also freak out once in awhile. How do you bring yourself back down to earth and out of crazyland? I would love to know your secrets.

On a good note though, My brother had a beautiful 7lb baby girl last night. We are so happy for them. Her name is Emma-Lee Belle Tyrrell. We can't wait to meet her and look forward to lot's of pictures.

Well that's ny story today and Tina when you read this I havn't forgotten you your bio will be next time. Till then See ya soon!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Big number's baby!!!

Well here we are, another week of watching what I eat and daydreaming of rolling around in mountains of chocolate fudge and marshmallow creme and eating my weight in it. Well I wasn't that bad, but I do have my weak moments. Like when I was making the chocoalte suckers and all I wanted to do was lick the entire pot clean then eat all our hard work as fast as I could so as not to be caught. Even though the temptations were there I still came out a whopping 3lbs lighter. I'm sitting at a lushious 165lbs. I'm rather proud of myself actually. I didn't get a chance to excersice last week the evenings just slipped away for one reason or another, and now I'm suffering from a cold so lovingly given to me by my 4yr old. So who knows if I'll get any activity in this week either. I have to say though, it's a real struggle to watch others around me be able to eat as they please and not have these same struggles. I know most of my friends are very conscious of what they put in there bodies, but when you have to study the nutritional value of everything you what to eat, it tends to take the joy out of eating somedays. Especially when your home all day and you walk past the fridge about one million times a day and all you want to do is eat the entire container of cool whip without any sexual thoughts invloved you just want to eat its fluffly goodness and make an entire pig of yourself. Can you tell I have food issues??

On a different note, I must apologize for my pity party yesterday. You can always tell when I havn't gotten out much and need a little down time. I'm going to make a point of having some this weekend, with a very close friend.

Well until I have something else exciting to share, I'll catch ya later!!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Purpose of Life ???

First and foremost I want to say that I love being a mom and a wife. Never have I felt more loved and needed in my entire life. My children are wonderful and my hubby's a wonderful man so how could I possibly want more. Well today I'm feeling like I need to find something to do that is also going to make me feel fulfilled. I have hobby's but I just never seem to have the time to do any of them. I also don't have a designated space to set everything up (ie: scrapbooking) Mu husband has the chance to hide out in the basement in the office to unwind from his day while he attempts to conquer the world and achieve total world domination, and if that doesn't cut it he can sit at the Playstation and outrun cops and other hooligan type characters on his games upstairs. I on the other hand can't seem to find an escape that can be done in just a half hour time. I do love to read but once I start I'm up until 2am, that just doesn't work with little people who demand things such as food and clothing on a daily basis. Maybe it's just a mommy moment and I need to soak in the bath and regroup for awhile. Sometimes it just feels like the mountain of diapers and laundry are to tall for me to climb. Perhaps instead of climbing them I could just dig a small passage through and leave it for now. Who say's my house has to be perfect, and if anyone tries to tell me that I will put you in the mountain just mentioned and collapse the whole dang thing right on top of you.

On a much lighter note, my son is quite excited about the up and comming Valentines Day (unlike his mother who personnaly hates this paticular day) He has cards to hand out and with the help of a friend made yummy yummy callebeaut chocolate suckers to hand out to all the ladies in waiting. He also has a very special gift for his favorite girl Brittany that I have to send out to Kamloops. Brittany is our old nanny who by the way is only 14 yrs old and used to babysit for us all the time. He misses her terribly and looks forward to her visit in March. My only wish is he turns out to be far better liked by his peers as he grows up and doesn't have to dread this day like his mom did. It's o.k if only the boys could see me now they'd be kicking themselves for passing this up. Who knew I'd be this great of a catch later in life. My husband is one lucky man, let me tell you. ( no one else will that's for sure)

Well tune in tomorrow for the big weigh in, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. See Ya!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Battle of the Buldge Week 1

Well folks I did it. I survived a full week of watching what I ate and trying desperatly to excersise. I was down 2 lbs from 170 to 168lbs. Not bad! I was always taught 2-3 lbs a week is a good healthy weight loss, so YEAH for me. I see one fellow blogger has joined my crusade and welcome anymore to hop on the band wagon. How did I make it you ask? Well those Crispy Mini rice cakes are a life saver and have you tryed to the dairy milk thins chocolate bar. OH MY WORD!!!!! If you need a bit of a quick chocolate fix, that is the only way to go. Now it comes with toffee in it. I swear a women works for Dairy Milk and she personally loves me. I'm still struggling to get all my water in everyday, so if anyone has any water consuming tips I would love to hear them. I just have a hard time choking it down. Well the road is long but yellow polka dot bikini here I come...
Savour Each Moment!

I have had the most emotional day. There are things that happen all the time in your daily life that make you very grateful for all the blessings you have in your life, and then there are times that events take place that you just can't explain and you really need to really on your faith to make things make sense but also teach you to really savour each moment of your life. Today was one of those days. A family I have known for quite sometime and consider dear to me and my own family, lost a child today and that child was only 3 weeks older than my own daughter. The devastaion they must feel I just can't seem to imagine. I have spent my whole afternoon crying for there loss but I just even fathom the rollercoaster ride they must be on. I only wish I could bring them some comfort but I know that what there searching for right now I can't provide. I am grateful for the knowledge that I have that I know that our family's can be with us for all of eternity, but I'm sure my world would still crumble if anything happened to either of my two children or my husband. I don't know if these friends will ever see this posting but if they were to read it I would just want then to know how much I love them both of them and no matter what I will always keep them in my heart and in my prayers. I feel so helpless right now and wish I could just come up with something deep and meaningful to help them cope with there pain but to be quite honest I can say is I love you guys and I wish I was closer to be a shoulder to you. To anyone else who may read this please take a good long look at your baby's tonight, no matter what age they may be and be grateful for the gift they are to you. Tell your loved ones how much love and care for them and each and every moment that you can and please savour each moment for as long as possible.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Just to Make Jen the Mom Happy!!

Fine Jen here you go...

Four jobs I’ve had:

McDonalds was my very first real job after High School and I actually really liked it, would I go back; never in a million years. I'm to old and my metabolism has slowed down way to much to not look like a blimp at the end of the day.

Doria & Co. The first real salon I ever worked in and taught me everything I know. It's because of them I am the stylist that I am.

CIR Realtors is my current employer even though I am on Maternity leave. They have the best perks for support staff and I would hate to miss out on the yearly christmas party and my personal lunch dates with my realtors.

My favorite job of all (besides motherhood) is being self employed and cutting hair at home. I love working myself. I just think I'm very good to myself.

*Four movies I can watch over and over:

Every girls favorite... Grease

Chicago, mostly for supery hotty Richard Gere, that man can dance his way into my heart anytime.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is a family tradition in my home, Great sunday movie!!

Sister Act, one again another musical, am I lame or what?

Four places I’ve lived:

The Funny thing is I've only ever lived in four places.

Home in Surrey B.C with my mom and dad. Same house for 21yrs

New Westminster B.C when I was first married

Lived in Spruce Grove AB when we first moved to alberta almost 3yrs ago.

And now we live in Calgary and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Four TV shows I love:
Four highly-touted shows I detest:

I don't watch a lot of T.V but if I do get a chance...

CSI is definalty a must watch. Vegas being my ultimate favorite

Any Friends re-run, as long as it's not centered around Rachel and Ross. Those two make me what to gag.

I could watch MASH all day long. I swear my dad looks just like Alan Alda, only my dad is way more cuddly, must me moms cooking.

That 70's Show is also good for a chuckle now and then

4 T.V. Shows I Detest

The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Survivor, and any other reality T.V. show you can think of. I really just don't care about real people making complete fools of themselves on public t.v.
Four books I’d recommend to anyone, anytime

All the Harry Potter books, I just can't get enough of that Mr. Ron Weasley, he's starting to turn out to be quite the cutie, Yes I'm weird so keep to yourself.

The only other books I ever read are cookbooks or kids book, so if your up for the The Poky Little Puppy let me know it's a favorite.

Four places I’ve vacationed:

California as a child, Disneyland is just as magical as the commercial say it is. I can't wait to take my own kids.

Salzburg Austria, I went on a student exchange when I was 17 and it was the most amazing time

Banff on my honeymoon was a wonderful time and for anyone wanting a tip for your honeymoon, don't go horseback riding on a honeymoon trip especially if your a virgin, you really won't walk right for a good 2-3 days.

It's pretty pathetic those are all the holidays I can think of.
Four of my favorite dishes:

Butter Chicken with my little brother at this little Indian resturant back in B.C.

Sushi (any kind) at Su Shi Ya with my best girlfriends back in B.C

Any kind of Pasta at Olive Garden with Mary is a treat for me.

And my favorite dish is steak and crab at the Keg with my husband on our Anniversary.

Four sites I visit daily:

Jen the Mom . com is definatly my favorite. She's a hoot!!

My own, I love to hear what I have to say. Ha Ha

Coulda Shoulda Woulda is FREAKING hilarious.

Google gets me where I need to be

*Four places I would rather be right now:

Eating dinner at my mom and dad's I miss them terribly

Eating dinner with my big brother Donn and his wife Brandy, I miss them just as much

Laying in a Spa somewhere getting rubbed and listening to the sound of nothing. (how can you tell I have kids)

Anywhere warm and tropical and looking extremly hot in my bikini that I will never own.

There we have it, my life in a brief nutshell. Now if anyone makes me do this again, Death to you I say. Have a great day.
Tune in tomorrow, It's monday I have to weigh in, I sure don't want to miss it.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Why do I do this???

Whe I gave birth to my son I had quite a bit of baby weight to lose and after denying it for a full year I finally got my butt dragged to Weight Watchers by two very good friends. 9 months and 30 lbs later I felt like a million bucks. The best I had looked in years. Funny how marriage and kids make you fat, happy but very very fat. Well we decided to have another baby and 7 1/2 months ago I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl you will ever lay eyes on. Now I am facing the very same dilema as I did after the my son ( #1 baby ) WHY DO I DO THIS??? The funny thing is I know how to lose weight, I worked for Weight Watchers as a leader and teacher, but for some reason when it comes to myself I seem to forget everything I ever learnt or taught others and fall into the same pit. I am faced with losing the same 30lbs all over again and now all I want to do is crawl into a hole and eat Krispy Creme out of business ( trust me I could do it! ) So this week I've done pretty good but now here comes the weekend and the hardest part of the week. Why as women are we so obsessed with how we look on the outside. I think I'm a pretty darn good person on the inside ( and not to bad from the neck up ) so why isn't that enough? Why do I feel the need to be a smaller size on the outside. Dang you skinny moms who bounce back like Elastic girl after your fourth child, I hope you trip over your skinny ankles and break your perfect neck with only one chin, and let me tell you that will not soften your fall at all.

Since purchasing our first home this year I try to pinch pennies everywhere I can and I just can't justify returning to Weight Watchers and paying the weekly fee, so I have decided that I am going to be accountable to you my cyber space world. I will weigh in with you every week and hope that this will keep me on the straight and skinny path to the body I once had ( or at least back into my old jeans ) I last weighed myself on monday and havn't stepped back on the scale since. I will return to the scale monday morning and let you know I hopefully succeded. My current weight is 170 lbs, so wish me luck and if you have the courage to join me on this crusade please feel free to tag along. Us fat chicks need to stay strong together, or else we'll just end up eating one another.

Good luck!