Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Incredible Hulk Mommy!!

That is what I look like tonight from the wrist's down. I had the privilige of coloring a young man's hair black and bright teal green today. and Lucky for me the grenn had left me with two lovely well stained hands that make me look like the Incredible Hulk. It's a good thing I lost some weight or I could give h im a run for his money. I was able to salvage them a little bit with good old Javex and a good scrubbing but needless to say I'm a little bit tender now. Oh well, he walked away a happy boy and I was able to purchase some groceries with my green hair money. Actually now that I think about it, he kinda resembled the twenty dollar bill he gave me. Funny how that worked out.

I love my job for that very reason. What other job can you possible have where people actually pay me money to make them look slightly freakish. I get to have a creative outlet that walks the streets and frightens small kids at your local Booster Juice. It doesn't get any better then that.

I also worked for Weight Watchers today and that to was also very rewarding. I love being a stay at home mom but I sure don't stay home much lately. My kids are with me most of the time, but I never seen to stop moving. I love working (most of the time) and feeling like there are people who need me and depend on me. Where else can you have three jobs where people really do need my support and knowledge. I feel like I have more then just my own two kids I have lot's of people who need me to help them and I get to watch people, grow, shrink, blossom and transform right before my very eyes. It doesn't get any better.

Well now it's my turn to relax and take care of myself. Hope your all feeling beautiful and If not come see me and I can fix that.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Time for the PROZAC!!

O.K. maybe it's not that bad but today was very close. I have taken in another day care boy. He is 4 yrs old and very well mannered and I only have him from 10-3:30 so it's really not that bad, but today being the first day he needed to test the waters and see how far he could push his boundaries. Well hopefully tomorrow will be a little smoother or this woman will be digging up two big rocks and fixing her hubby the old fashioned way. 4 kids at home is alot so all you people out there thinking 4 is your magic number, come and spend the day with me and see if I can magically shrink that idea. All in all they are really good kids but today was just one of those days I wish I had no conciense and could drink away the hours that just plauged me. Funny I can give birth and run a home and even help my friends through life a crisis, but let 4 little people run a muck in my home and all hell breaks loose.

Oh well bedtime approaches and then it's my time to put aside my worry's and let Gill Grisham (CSI) take me away. Yes that's right I like my men on the mature side. Actually I just like them old and rich and besides he's kinda sexy in a bug loving, corpse finding way. If there are any other eldery loving women out there; who take's your mind away from the real world. Come on I won't tell. Although I'm not responsible for anyone else who might read this.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Eat, Drink, And Talk Dirty!

That seemed to be the theme for last nights girls appy night. Even though all we drank was Pepsi and ate more food then we should have we still managed to share some of our nastiest moments and still look each other in the eye. It will never cease to amaze me that we can go from hi how are you's to remember when you gave birth, what kind of drugs do you prefer in labour, how bad your boobs hurt when nursing, how do you prefer to make love and what are your favorite tools of the trade, wanna hear a totally gross story about this guy, and when's the next scrapbooking night and finally I think somewhere in there solved world peace and cured world hunger. It was a very uplifting evening and came away a little bit smarter and looking at my friends in a totally different way. I never had sister's growing up and I guess this is as close as I will get. I love these girls, Jen, Mary, Gwen (a newby to the group) and so many others who have been around late in the nights to discuss world peace over chocolate and ice cream. I love this stage of life were in and how we all walk the same path together. Something strange does happen after 10:30 pm though and that's when the girl talk gets really good. We either totally grossed out the staff and cheesecake cafe or all there boyfriends got very very lucky last night. I have a feeling all the hubby's of our group probably did. Well here's to friends and food and we really need to that more often. Thanks girls!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A "Fatty" No More!!

Well folks I finally did it! I have reached my goal weight with Weight Watchers and am now a full fledged Leader for the company. It took a lot longer to shed these pounds then it did with my first pregnancy but in the end my backend is much smaller and I am back into my size 10 jeans. I have never been really skinny but now I don't have to control my gag reflex when I step out of the shower each morning. Am I cured of all sweets and uncontrollable urges to drown myself in food NO! but at least I don't think it's the end of the world or at least my eating habits when I do. I am also alot more active then I ever was before. I am the newest follower of the Mari Windsor Pilates Workouts. I love this woman, she is pretty much like any other workout trainer, cheesy and way to excited about what she has to offer, but her workouts areeasy to follow and in the last two weeks I have started to notice a difference in my abs. I still have a muffin top at times but it's not nearly as hard to hold in my tummy has it has been in the past. I am also walking up a storm and I love my evening walks with Madonna in my ear. I just hope I can keep it up even with the rain that has now arrived in Calgary.

So tonight is my very first meeting that will be my own without any other leaders to bail me out if I totally screw people up. Hopefully though I shouldn't totally mess up. I have done this before. So every wednesday night you can find me at the North Hill Weight Watchers center weighing in people and trying to motivate them to stick to the plan and keep on shrinking. I mean honestly who wouldn't want to look as good as me. Ha Ha that was really a joke. Maybe. hee hee.

In other news I want to share with you all the birth of another beautiful baby. Miss Aliza Marie Price has joined our world and made mommy Tricia and daddy Justin very proud. Congratulations you three and way to go with the whole home birth thing. Your crazy but daring and I'm glad your experiance was so wonderful I couldn't be happier for your whole family.

As for the rest of our family Our oldest son is loving the whole kindergarten experiance and comes home every day so happy and excited and I say "so what did you do today?" and he say's "i don't know" I guess that's typical boy for you. Well as long as he's happy I guess I will eventually hear the rest at some point along the way.

Well until I have some more excitment I'll catch you later.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

From Toddlerhood to Boyhood!

Those are a the words my husband used when he gave our son a very beautiful blessing last night to start his first day of school off right. Well needless to say I have been crying ever since.

Today I dropped my first born, baby boy off at Kindergarten. He's not a baby anymore and I can't belive the first 5 years are comming to a close. I love this little man more then life itself and I can't belive he's now starting school. Where did the time go?

He was so excited to embark on his new journey, with his new jeans (like daddy's), his army shirt (like daddy's video game), his batman lunch kit (once again like daddy's), his Incredibles backpack, spiderman and superman shoes (indoor and outdoor), and his favorite Koolaid juice boxes. Oh how simple life really is to these kids. He had no fear and was ready to leave us behind and enter this new world of fun and learning, but I clung on just a little bit longer to make sure he got into class and was really o.k. no suprise he was just fine.

So there he was being left behind with a teacher I hardly know, a room full of kids I have never met and I'm leaving him for three hours on his own to fend for himself. Isn't that bad parenting? Well we all did it so it must be the right thing to do.

Well to all you other first time mom's who are doing the same thing today, here's to us and a little more freedom, even though I'm sure your all looking around for your 5 yr old as well wondering where there hiding, enjoy your day and remember they will alway's be your baby's.