Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm Back Did You miss me???

I'm soooo sorry to have abandoned everyone for so long I have had the hardest time trying to get on my blog. I was having password issues and it would not let me post.

Well I'm back and have had a ver busy few weeks.

Update #1

Florida was AMAZING!!!! It's was truly the best week I've had in years and no I am not exagerating one little bit. I want to make it an annual thing every year whether it's to Florida or anywhere else I don't care. I can't really say we did anything to terribly exciting but I can say we rested and relaxed and slept and didn't have to feed or entertain anyone but ourselves. We didn't watch any cartoons or eat anything that came with a toy. We stayed up late and ate ice cream at midnight and breakfast for lunch and came and went as we pleased. We shopped and shopped and shopped and then when we felt like it we shopped a little more. I have never spent so much at one time in my life and it was soooooo fun. My little girl is the best dressed 2 yr old ever. I came home tanned and little crispy in parts and they are almost recovered now. Who knew the crease of your bum could burn so bad and make life so uncomfortable. My traveling companions were the best girls ever to be with. We all got along we all agreed on everything and I would go away with any of them anytime. I took lots of pictures and I will post them asap I promise.

Update #2
I came home to absolute chaos. Not with my family but my hair business obviously missed me. I havn't stopped working since I walked in the door two weeks ago. That will teach me to go on holidays. It's nice to be needed by others then just my family. It was good to be busy but I think I need another vacation.

Update #3
I discovered Facebook. I thought it was so dumb when I first heard about it and then Tricia informed me who I could contact on it and now I'm hooked. I found an old friend that I was glued to my last 2 years of high school and I can't wait to hook up again.

Update #4
I have fallen off the Weight Watcher band wagon. I need to get my motivation back, I havn't gained more then a couple of lbs but I feel gross and need to get back to being nicer to my body. I joined the Goodlife gym at Superstore and I love it there and the daycare is great. My kids love it and they will also watch them for me while I grocery shop, how great is that. I also get unlimited tanning in my membership so my Florida tan is here to stay for awhile.

Other then that now much else is happening, Jen the mom and I are having a joint garage sale this saturday and hopefully that will pay off some of Florida. It should make for an interesting day anyway. Well I'm off to cut more hair so I will see you soon.