Friday, March 30, 2007

Parent Teacher Conference!!

I'd like to say that my son is brilliant and is going to be the next Doogie Howser but lets be honest he's got my genes and it's going to take some work to get to that point. But Mrs Nichol his kindergarten teacher said that he's doing so well and he's a joy to have in her class. What more could a mom ask for. He's liked amongst his peers, and he loves going to school. Is it strange that through the whole meeting all I wanted to cry because I was so proud of this little boy who has grown up way to fast. I know he's a smart, wonderful, kind boy but when you hear someone else tell you it just makes your heart swell. I just have to tell him how much I love him and how proud I am of him. I can't wait to watch him grow more and see this little boy become my little man.
Home is where you hang your hat!

It's true when you hear that expression. If your anyone who has ever moved away from home you know that sometimes going back to your roots doesn't always feel the same.

I went home to Vancouver B.C. this weekend to surprise my dad for his 60th birthday. We had such a good time. It was well worth the money to see the look on his face when we walked in the resturant. We being myself and my little girl. I remember my dad turning 40, my mom made a huge deal out of it and it was a ton of fun, but 50 was quite foggy for me. So when I realized this was 60 I knew I couldn't miss it.

The weekend started on friday night. Tracy and Jamie came up to Calgary on the friday night and had dinner and a visit until about 10pm then they and there kids and me and my baby packed up in the van and headed out for the long drive. And long it was. Jamie was amazing I couldn't have done that drive. We had everything from Rain, snow, white out conditions and very little clear sky. He did it though and we were sure glad to see the Abbotsford exit signs up ahead. The kids were perfect, they all slept through the night and made it a little easier.

My baby brother Scott picked me up in Sumas and took me back to his house, but not before he took me past our old house. A little history for you, I grew up in one house only and lived there from the time I was born until I got married. My parents sold that house about 4 yrs ago and moved permanatly to 100 mile house. It was an old farm house that really needed some love and attention, but it was home to me and I have soooo many wonderful memories from that dwelling. Well my house it is no more the new owners have magically changed it into something amazing. I won't bore you with the details but HOLY CRAP what a difference, and hat's off to them it looks great. That was my first hint that home was not the same. We arrived at Scotts and hung out and showered and changed into some clean clothes and headed out for some breakfast and shoppping. Then we met up with my dear friends Marcy & Tricia and had a great visit over a healthy lunch amongst wiggily babies and my screaming daughter. It was soooo good to see the girls and catch up again. It never seems to matter how long were apart we always have so much to share and being with them feels like home.

After a busy morning and a very long night we headed back to Scotts and had a great nap so we were rested up for the evening. Then we cleaned up and headed off to the birthday party and saw some old friends and family I hadn't seen in a very long time. Most of the people there had never seen my daughter and it was nice to show her off. She was so good and that made the evening even nicer. We later wandered over to some friends house to visit with mom and dad a little longer and when I started to fall asleep in the chair Scott took me home to bed.

Then next day was spent visiting more friends and enjoying some good weather. We had brunch and headed off to the beach to stroll along the pier. I was shocked at the sight of the water. It use to be nice place to play in the water as kids but that has all changed. The water was brown and gross and we stuck to dry land but the air was fresh and clean and that was great. Baby Girl stole my ice cream cone and enjoyed every lick she got. It was a wonderful afternoon. We said goodbye to mom and dad there and then headed off to a fair in Cloverdale and met up with more friends and took the kids of some amusement rides and that was hoot. I love to watch my kids scream with glee and fright all at the same times. Both of my kids love rides and nothing seems to faze them.

We then wandered off to see more friends who offered to let the baby sleep at there place while Scott and I went to see a movie and enjoy some time together without any distraction from her. Monday morning we were up bright and early and off to the airport to head home to Calgary and The flight was great and we had no problems getting in right on time.

It was a great trip and very fast, but I saw a ton of people and caught up with everyone I wanted to. As we drove around my old neighborhoods it was very clear to me that I would be so lost if I moved home. Sure I would adjust but it doesn't feel the same anymore. Calgary is my home and I love it here. I miss my friends terribly and if I could buy them all homes here I would and then I could have the best of both worlds. I will never stop being amazed at how fast life changes around us, and yet I love how my life is ever changing and ever amazing.

Happy Birthday Daddy and here's to 60 more. (If anyone could do it you could. Unless the bears eat you first HA HA)

Friday, March 23, 2007

A poopy break-through!!!

Now you know your a mom when your child does something that would have totally groosed you out as a young adult, but as a mom your over the moon.

Just to back up a bit, I decided in January I would bring down my potty from storage and give it a wash and show it to my my youngest who was a mere 18 months at that point. I wasn't asking for miracles just giving her something to think about. She has an older brother who she alway's follows into the bathroom anyway so why not give the option. Well she loved to sit on it and everytime I went in to conduct my business she would join me. The only catch was she refused to take off her diaper. To actually sit on a cold seat was just to much for her precious bottom. Well today she told me she had to "pooppy on the potty" my usual reaction was "whatever" but she insisted and so I let her into the bathroom. I asked if she wanted to go and she said yes and headed to the potty. So I took a chance and removed her pants and undershirt (the kind with buttons) and then I took off her diaper. To my suprise she was actually starting to poop and when the diaper came off she sat right down and you'll never belive it she actually did it.

MY BABY POOPED ON THE POTTY!! I am beside myself with joy and yes I know it may not happen again for another year but hey it was momentous for me and we made a huge deal out of it and she was quite elated to recieve her candy treat afterwards.

It's these little moments that give me hope that there is a light at the end of a very long poppy tunnel. Here's hopin' for more perfect moments.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tag I'm It!!

Real Mom's Have No Problem With What May Come Out Of Our Mouth's!

I have learned through my many years experiance that I am actually a really gross person and I don't care who knows. I say a real mom is someone who canbe gross and whos' kids think that's funny and husband will still sleep with them afterwards so here I am in all my glory. Love me or leave me. A real mom will never turn down a dare no matter how nasty or disgusting and will never be out done by a boy no matter how old.
So now I'm supposed to Tag 5 other people who are to find us a picture of what a real mom is, so I say Marcy, Tricia, Tracy, Tag your it. I am so pathetic that I don't know 2 other people who can tag so if you feel sorry for me then jump on the wagon and let's see what you got.
Well now that I can put up pictures there's no stopping me, wish me luck!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Being Accountable!

One of the hardest things about being a parent is having to disipline your children. Not only do you need to find a punishment fitting to the crime you also need to be more and more creative each time so they don't get the desire to keep commiting the same crimes.

Well my son was caught with the evidence in hand ( or mouth as the case may be ). My hubby is a HUGE computer geek. He likes to play a game on the computer called Battlefield ( purchased by my mom Thanks alot ) and he has gotten quite involved with it. He has a set of headphones with a microphone attached so that when he is online he can chat with the other nerds while they play. Well my son has taken to wearing the headphones while he play's his games on the computer. This is ok with us but it turn's out he has also taken to chewing on the microphone. No he was not raised by dogs but he has inherited a nasty habit from his mom. Yes I to am a chewer. Well in any such case he has now broken and fryed the microphone and to say the least his dad was not very pleased. I'm very proud of my hubby though he stayed calm and didn't yell, spank or any other of the usual reactions most parents have when they find something valuable broken. He had a good chat with our boy and asked me if I would help come up with an appropriate punishment. Well after much pondering here's what I came up with....

As of right now he is responsible for paying back his dad the money used for purchsing the headphones. He will do 3 additional chores to his regular load and when each said chore is done I will give him $1.00, until he has $50.00 saved. That money will then go to replacing his dads toy.

He must do the following chores that are usually his dads responsiblity's each and everyday...
1: Clean out the cat litter everyday.
2: Do the dinner dishes with Sally (our little tenant) every night.
3: Clean the two living rooms every night before bed.

To a 5 year old it's a mountain of chores, especially when he still has to feed the cat's twice a day, clean his room everyday, and help set the table each night for dinner. Call me cruel but hey for the most part he's a pretty great kid. I think I'm doing all right with this one. If only I could find the manual for his sister. I'm not a perfect mom but I'm doing the best the kind and if you ever meet all my dayhome kids you hopefully would agree I'm not bad. Yes I'm a little arrogant but hey you spend as much time with this many little people and you would toot your own horn once in awhile as well.

Happy parenting!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

PMS Overload!!

Ever since I gave birth to my beautiful little girl I have turned into the biggest b*%&## ever. I was fine after my son but with her I'm not sure what happened. My period is normal but the week before I am such a bag!!!!

Heaven help my family for when Mama's not happy ain't nobody happy! God bless my husband yesterday for being smart enough to just wrap his arms around me and hug me and say nothing at all after I almost put my fist through the wall. And yes I can do that now. 9 yrs of marriage and two baby's later I'm much more open about my feelings. Thankfully that's why I have diet pop and girlfriends who love me no matter what. Also a hubby who alway's knows when I need a little girl time.

My kids are really good to ( all 6 of them ) they just seem to know when I need them to be exceptionally well behaved and they do a great job. Don't get me wrong I have a wonderful life and an amazing family but I am still a woman and when my hormones start rushing get out of my way. Would I rather be man, heck no! Would I want there jobs NO. Although sometimes I think that would be easier then having my 3 jobs and running a home all the time. But hey I think I do a pretty good job. Just cause I look hot in the pants doesn't mean I don't like trading them in for a cute little flared mini sometimes.

Don't worry my friends I purchased a box of Midol and I'm good to go. If all else fails take pills right? How do you deal with your PMS?
Inquiring minds want to know?

If I started a blog that was just weight loss tips and suggestions would anybody read it?

Let me know what you think.
I Struck Liquid Gold!

If any of my readers are not Mormom (such as myself) you may think I'm totally crazy but I found something I've been without for a very long time. You better be sitting for this. I found Caffeine Free Iced Tea made with Slenda at Wal-mart last night. It's in the little packages for your water bottle and they are flavored ( I bought Tangerine ) I am in love right now. I havn't had Iced Tea in years and it's the one thing I miss the most since I joined the church. I don't miss beer, or smoking and wasn't into anything illegal, but iced tea was a favorite. Well deprived I am no more. And It's made with Splenda so it's Weight Watcher friendly. I was so excited to actually drink water today and that hasn't happened for a long time. I even like it more then my diet pepsi and I didn't think that was possible.

You know it's the little things that make life work for me. I let you know what other finds I come across. I did come across some berries and creme Dr Pepper and it's not that great. I prefer the cherry vanilla much better but hey I can say I gave it a shot. On a scale of 10 it's a 5-6.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Boy's, Boy's, Boy's!

This weekend we had the privledge of having the Brown family come and spend the weekend with us. I have forgotten what 4 boy's in one house canbe like and it reminded me that my house is not as big as I would one day like to have. We had sooooo much fun. Tracy's middle boy was turning 5 and we were able to celebrate his birthday with him. How much fun!!! As you all know I love to make birthday cakes and No I am not the fancyest or best but I still love to try. We made Keagan a "Sword" cake. You know like Knights and stuff. It was pretty fun and the boy's loved it. Then the dad's took them to the monster truck show and let us mom's have a break. It was mucho fun and I know the boy's really enjoyed each other. After they all left my son asked if he could send Keagan a letter telling him how much fun he had and asked me to mail it. (will be mailed today Tracy)

I love our visits with the Tracy and Jamie. We had som much history and so many fond memories (some of which I need to remind them of due to some peoples short memories Ha Ha). Jamie booked us girls our trip to Florida on saturday. Yee Haw. 5 days with no kids, husbands or work to take of. If you know how crazy my life is you would really appreciate that. I can't wait to be in the sun and shop and hang out with no responsibilitys at all. We have a good group going down and it will be soooooo much fun.

On of the promises I made myself this year was to have a little more fun and this will be a great way to start. Oh and our shopping spree at Value Village on saturday was a good way to kick it off as well. Thanks Tracy for more great memories and I can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks for our pre-florida weekend. Stay tuned for the post on that bad boy.

Well laundry awaits and then I'm off to tend to the babes. Have a great day.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Friendship and Me!!

It has recently come to my attention that a very good friend of mine has been misinformed that she is thought of by someone as something she is not. I won't go into detail but I have a few thoughts on how I feel about the friendships I've made.

Growing up I never really made a whole lot great friends, I was not very popular and really not very well liked because of whatever reasons. I grew up in the era where material things meant alot more to young kids then they ever should have. Fortunatly though as I approached young womenhood there were some wonderful people who were ready and willing to be there for me through thick and thin. Part of me want's to tell you about each and everyone of them but I could be here for hours and who knows what the kids could to the house in that time.

Let's group some of you together. Tricia and Marcy. You guys have been with me through school, many boyfriends until we found the right one's, weddings, baby's, moving away and so many other little things in between. You know me well and even though I only see you once a year now, when we are together it's like time waits for those moments. I love that no matter what you were there for me and no matter what you alway's will be. You are both kind and loving and think only of others when your needed. I love you.

Jenny you are my saving grace. When I need you, you are 110% there for me. You keep me sane and never do you make me irritated or annoyed. Our kids are close and that makes our friendship even more better. You are the sister I should have had and not just because your mom is crazy. I love our 12 phone calls a day and even when they are only 30 sec. long. I would not make through my long day's without you. I love you.

Tracy, you know things about me that no one else knows. You have seen me grow as a latterday saint in ways no one could. You have been my example and my strength for so many years. Your family is like my own and I wouldn't be the person I am today without you and them. You make me a far trendier mom then I would ever be on my own. You bling me up when I am all frumped out and I havn't worn my overalls since you looked at me with such disapointment that day Ha Ha. You are beautiful and wonderful and I love how you glow with that spirit. I still have never seen a more beautiful bride than you were on your wedding day and I have seen alot of brides, but none that shone with your light. I love you.

Tina and Mary, you two are the reason God brought me to Calgary. We have needed each other in may ways and I am honered to know you two and your family's. You are me family out here and I would be so lonely if it wasn't for your friendships. We have been through more things in 4 yrs then I have been through in 30 yrs, and that is know exageration. I love you both for your courage and strength and hope that you will always turn to me in your hour of need as I know I have turned to you guys in mine. I love you.

As for the rest of you girls, I love all of you. I have been blessed by so many wonderful women in my life that it's hard to put all I want to say in words. Thank you for letting me ramble on and when I am old and gray, well old anyway, I can look back on these words and remember how loved I really am.

Thank you!
A fresh new look!!

Well I finally did it!

I got brave enough to actually paint a room in my house. My daughters room was my first attempt at designing and I have to say I did an awesome job. Her room is now a beautiful shade of Lavender that we found in a mistint pile at Canadian tire for $10.00. Then I stenciled all the young women values (faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge choice and accountability, good works and integrity) all around the top of the room. Above her closet though it say's " A daughter of God " with the values following after. They are all painted a light pink with a dark pink outline. Then I stamped (yes that's right marcy and tricia I stamped) daisy's all around on either side of each phrase. Then I got white curtains and hung them in her window and tied them with some pink ribbon so you can still see out the window. I am in love with this room. It feels so feminine and girly. and I hope when she's older she can appreciate the wisdom in the words that will surround her. It's my first attempt at being really creative with our home and I LOVED IT!!! I can't wait to do another project now and hone in on my painting skills. I think I'm scaring my hubby though. I did get a few spots of purple on the ceiling but my touch up work was pretty dang good. Now I need to my son's room and I'm envisioning the colors of Spiderman. I won't do a spiderman themed room. but red and blue would be pretty cool, and the blue would match his bed perfectly, but I guess I should let him have say seeing as he is 5 yrs old and will probably have an opinion of his own. Curse you independence I miss the day's when I could think for them. Oh well as soon as I take some pictures of baby girls room I will post them for all to see. And if for some weird reason you don't like it keep it to yourself I like the my happy bubble just the way it is. Ha Ha