Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Welcome to the official time of year where I cease to exist to most people around me. My family thinks I hate them, my friends think I'm ignoring them, and the rest of the world thinks I am a snob. Please be assured that none of the above is true it's just Christmas. This the time of year when I hole up in the basement and unless you come and see me for one beauty reason or another then I don't have time for you. I'm sorry if that's harsh but unfortunatly unless you pay me to spend an hour with you ($40.00 an hour) I am swamped. I love my job and it's not normally this demanding on me but hey tis the season to work around here. Not only am I doing hair all day, I also have Arbonne flying off the shelves so I am trying to appease those customers as well. On top of all this I am 16wks pregnant and just starting to get back on my feet. Heaven help me or at least swallow me whole.

I always think well you can't blog without pictures but if you wait for that we may all die a ripe old age so I am going to let the whole piture thing go and try to just let you know my thoughts. There not very profound but there mine and those who truly love me will still be interested somewhat.

So wish us luck this holiday season and I will try to keep you posted.