Monday, February 12, 2007

Just Another Day In Paradise!!

If you want to call 5 days of straight snow paradise. Don't get me wrong I love this city but Holy Crap the snow is getting old. Yes Yes I know we havn't had much this year but it's a good thing we havn't cause I'd probably lose my mind. It's pretty to look at but if I hafe to sweep the snow off my steps one more time today I'm gonna lose it.

Well now that my rant is over, it's been a pretty good day thus far. The house is almost clean, the laundry is half done and I stole an hour to cuddle with my baby girl and snooze in the rocking chair. I really don't have anything profound to say but I thought that if I don't get something down while I have a moment I may never see the light of the computer again.

I did have the opportunity to have a date with my hubby on friday night. We do try to fit each other on once in awhile but life tends to get in the way so much. Well much to my surprise he made a reservation at a quaint little italian resturant and we had a wonderful dinner. The food was amazing, I love the Olive Garden but the portions here put them to shame. It was soooo good even hubby couldn't finish his and had to pack it up to bring home. (first time in 10 yrs I've seen him do that) It was nice to dress up and be a grown up for a change. I must add that I was quite hot, so hot in fact I turned myself on staring at me. I have discovered the wondrous world of the corset. No lady's they are not only good for getting him riled up in a bad way, but my waist shrunk and my belly was as flat as it was before I got married and popped out 2 kids. I was GORGEOUS!!!! I like to think of myself as fairly humble but hey I am allowed to let loose once in awhile.

My children are wonderful, my son is growing up too fast for me, but I have learned that he still loves to cuddle under a blanket with his mom and watch cartoons on a sunday afternoon. My little girl is becoming quite the little girl. She has a new love of sitting on my lap while I do my hair on sunday morning and then she will let me curl hers. She has the straightest hair ever and when it's curly she looks just like me when I was her age. She melts my heart and wraps her daddy ever tighter around that little finger of hers.

So I guess snow and all my world is pretty good, even a little like paradise sometimes. We are heading off to Edmonton this weekend for some hair and family time. The best part will be that we are arriving on friday which is Tracy Browns birthday and we will be off to celebrate once we arrive. YEE HAW. It's always fun when us girls get together and this will be no exception.

See ya then.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Resolutions, Resolutions, Resolutions!!

We all say were not going to set resolutions, but we will set goals, or a plan or just try to do better this year at whatever it is needs to be better. I've got news for you, no matter what you call it, it's still a resolution. We guess what I'm in there like a dirty shirt.

Goal #1: Remove as much debt as possible
Goal #2: Lose 10 Lbs (again)
Goal #3: Possibly have another baby
Goal #4: Not work myself into the ground (oops to late)
Goal #5: Spend more time with my hubby (see I can't even remember his name)

They are typical resolutions but hey I'm a pretty typical girl. So if you have any tips for any of them pleeeesssseee let me know I need all the help I can get.

What are your plan for the new year let me know and let me help.
One hot 30 year old!!

Yes folks that's right I am 30 years old now and I am hot. I had a great birthday this year. Probably the best I've had in years. My wonderful friend Jen the mom, planned a swinging party at a pub here in the NW, it was not the pub she was thinking of but you know what it was just what we all needed after a week with sick kids. We watched a couple of hockey games, shot some pool, did some karaoke. It was a blast. We did have a party pooper in our midst but that pooper left and we resumed our good time. I havn't laughed so hard ever in my life. Tara even got the bartender to make me a virgin shooter. A muff diver if you can belive it. For those who are unsure, you take a very large martini glass and place a shot glass inside. My shooter this evening was Coke and Grenadine, then you fill the whole thing up with whipping cream and bury the shot glass. My job was to stick my face inside the martini glass and dig out the shot glass with my tongue and shot er back. Well a drink virgin I may be but a tongue one I am not and I was quite successfull in finding said shot glass. It was a riot.

It was sooo much fun, and I am so grateful to have a friend like Jen who would take the time plan such a great night for me. I have been so richly blessed with friends in my life. I may not have any real sisters but the women in my life make it complete. Thank you Jen for making 30 a little less painful then it could have been, you just wait till yours, you ain't seen nothin'.
Happy FEBRUARY New Year!!

Soooooo Sorry for the delay but my life has turned into the dayhome, hair salon, Weight Watcher world of crazyness. Don't get me wrong I love my life but holy crap what have I gotten myself into.

Well for anyone who may be wondering we had an amazing christmas. My whole family was here and it's been 4 years since we were all together ove the holidays.

First Nana and Papa arrived with Tara and her three kids in tow. Then Donn and Brandi and Emma-lee showed up two days later, and Scott arrived two days after that. Our home was full and fortunatly so was our fridge. Everyone came happy and healthy and my chlidren made sure to share all there germs with the Emma (10 months) and she came down with her first cold. I felt like the worst aunty in the world but fortunalty for me she loved me best and it was non stop kisses for aunty. She is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. My kids are definalty cute but Emma is a jewel and I can't wait to watch her grow.

We didn't stray to far from home to often, it's amazing how much work it is to herd that many people out the door in the morning. Church was a feat in itself, but yes my whole family went to church with me and it was soooo wonderful to have the spirit surround us all together. We did manage to get to the zoo and the kids were perfect, we went to banff on christmas eve, we did lots of shopping. Nana and Papa were in a spending mood and spoiled all of us the whole visit. Our evenings were full of Karaoke and cards and more laughter then I've had in a long time. I love being with my family and especially my brothers. We are so different yet we can laugh at the same things and also at ourselve's. I really wanted to show my big brother how grown up I really am. That I can keep a home, a job, kids, and a hubby and still keep my sanity. I don't know why I've never grown out of wanted to impress him but I havn't and I guess I will always be that way. I look up to him and love him and just want him to know I'm o.k. My baby brother I just want to take care of, he has been my best friend for most of my life and alot of my favorite memories are of him and I doing really simple things and mostly just being there for each other. I would do anything for both of them and I know those feelings are returned.
Now my sister in law, I need to live closer to. She is so freekin funny. She comes across as quiet and shy but that is just a cover, she can be loud and hold her own in a poker game. She is a famtastic mom and a great wife to my brother. I loved giving her a makeover at 10 at night. There's nothing like removing facial hair from the ones you love. She got plucked, dyed, cut and streaked all in one night and it was sooooo much fun. She looked awesome. I can't for our next visit so we can re-live and make new memories together.

It was also great to see Tara and the kids again and see how much the kids have grown and changed. It was also a shock to see how much tara shrunk. Skinny cow lost 45 lbs and never told me she had till she got here and suprised us all. She looked hot and I forgot how much I missed our talks and visits. It was also really fun to chop all of her and Britt's hair off. I never get tired of that!!

All in all it was a fabulous holiday and I look forward to the next one but holy crap am I glad it's a whole year from now.