Friday, June 20, 2008

The First Of Many!!

Last night I had my first Arbonne party in my home. It was my official launch party and even though only three girls came, it wsa still alot of fun. For anyone who knows me I have never been good at having home partys but with this I am not discouraged. The products sell themselves and so if it means having a dozen partys with only three girls at a time then so be it. I still have one more tonight and then one next week and three booked for the first two weeks in July. There's room for more if your interested. We had a ton of fun and laughed and ate chocolate, thats right my friends I bring a BIG box of swiss milk chocolate and there's plenty for everyone.

Michelle Shiers is my sponser and she is amazing. If I could work for a real boss just like her I would probably have a real job. We had a ton of fun last night and she will be here tonight as well. In fact she will be at all of my partys until I'm ready to jump out on my own.

You are looking at a girl whos changing her life and I can't wait for you guys to witness it all. I will keep you posted.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm At It Again!

Well here goes another business venture by your favorite workaholic.

My last post reflected how stressed out I've been over money and our finances and I took to my knees to find out what I should do. In came a mom from school who runs a home based business and is doing VERY well. I thought she is just really lucky and the chances of success for others is slim. Well then I met 3 more women who have the same business and they are also doing very well. I was still a little skeptical but I have to admit a little excited as well. Then I asked for some concrete sign that I should maybe try this. Well guess what my hubby got on board as well. He gave me his support and is going to back me up. Well that sealed the deal.

You are lookiing at the newest consultant for Arbonne International. If your not sure what that is just gor to and you can read all about it. I know some of you will think I'm crazy but I really feel good about this. The women I signed up with have been wonderful and have purchased a good chunk of my start up kit for me. It's a great motivator to give my butt a good kick in gear. I'm really excited and hope you will be too for me. I plan to change my life and my familys life by the end of the year and I can't wait to share my success with you guys.

Keep ya posted.

ps Tricia thanks for the encouragement and tell Rhonda to give me a shout.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Broke and Feeling Frustrated!!

I am feeling very overwhelmed today. It never fails that the day I have to take me car in for one little thing all of a sudden I'm $2000.00 poorer. Nothing like a vehicle to make you feel like you have nothing. I know I shouldn't complain, our car has so far in the last 3yrs needed nothing more than a new set of tires and regular oil changes, but now all of a sudden it needs new everything. I think I'll just buy a horse and pick up poop all day. Not like I don't already what's a little more.

I am determined to stay home with my kids until there old enough to all be in school all day but this is crazy. I need some ideas from my local readers what can I do to help my family. I need to find a way to get ahead. I'm tired of spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere. I want to work in the salon more but I had my first crazy customer in our home the other day and now I know why I don't advertise. Referrals ar the way to go. My loyal customers don't send me there crazy friends so it's not usually a problem. So if you know of anyone in need of a hair service let me know and I can hook them up. I am very blessed and I do know that. I was really stressing yesterday about money and after I did that I had multiple calls for colors and cuts and now my week is picking up. So I know if I be patient I will continue to be blessed.

I just want to be ahead of the game not three feet behind. If you have any grand ideas let me know.