Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Making and reliving memories!

Saw this on Jen the Mom's blog and thought I would give it a go. It's all about sharing memories with old friends so the instructions are below and I will leave it up to you guys.

1) You leave a comment on my blog and in your comment you mention a memory that you and I share. Big or little. I don’t care. Heaven knows I’m not particular about memories. I can barely remember what day it is half the time so you could probably make something up and I’d go along with you on it.

2) Repost the instructions on your own blog and see what memories come back to you in the comments.
Like I said, I got this from Nicole so I thought I’d pass her blog on.

Have fun!
Elbow Falls, Bragg Creek AB
Last sunday was so stinkin' hot we decided to head to Elbow Falls (45min frm home) for a stroll through the creek to cool down. The dog really needed a good run so we thought we would wear her out in the water. Bailey is still learning about water and can be a little shy at first but it didn't take her long to get comfy this afternoon.

This is one of our favorite places because it's local and beautiful. We are surrounded by mountains and trees and all the things I had back home in B.C. I love the mountains but I love them even more when I can have the best of both worlds.
Here I am Mountain Momma, pig tails and all.
This is our third time taking a picture in this exact spot. Each time we take it though a new family member is added. This year it's Bailey our 8 month old Golden/Border Collie.
This paticular picture was suppossed to go at the end but I messed up the order. This was Bailey at the end of the afternoon. She was done! It's so nice to see her tired once in awhile. It doesn't happen very often.

We found a good picture log to sit on unfortunatly Kelsey wasn't in the mood to look up.
Not only is Bailey a little shy of the water, so is Kelsey, but she did really well and it didn't take her long to settle into the cold water and she was find to wander as long as I wasn't to far behind.
Nothing like a good game of fetch to tire a puppy out. Bailey played so hard in the water that when she came out for a few minutes she would actually shiver it was so cold. Yet it didn't slow her down for long.
Liam has quite an interest in rocks and we found a big flat one that ended up in the back pack and came home with us.
My mountain girl!
I'm sure there will many more trips here this summer so keep posted.

The Calgary Stampede 2008
This year we made it to the annual stampede here in town. It's always lots of fun and the kids have a blast.
We did soooo much so I will only give you a taste and maybe it will leave you wanting more and we can get some visitors next year.

Our kids love the rides!! I thought Kelsey would be timid but boy was I wrong, she has no fear just like her brother.
Liam is a ride freak, he get's it from his parents.
Our boy has a very sweet soul and a very generous heart, we can't go a fair without him winning something for his baby sister. So fishing was the game of choice this year and we came home with a couple of frogs, a pig and a bird.
Here we were enjoying some down time and waiting for the Superdogs to perform. They were AWESOME! As new dog owners we are especially taken with the canine shows. We also took this time to eat our cotton candy and fudge and finish off the pocket dogs we had for dinner.
This was actually the last show we saw and we were starting to get a little tired so it felt good to just sit and relax for a few minutes.

Calgary Stampede 2008 part 2
Okay so I have to do this in parts so bear with me.

We spent some time in the Agriculture building so the kids could see all the baby animals. We saw baby pigs and chicks and Liam tryed his hand at milking a fake cow. Not bad for a boy who used to be terrified of cows. Even the one's on the side of the road in fields used to make him scream but not anymore. You go Liam your Papa would be proud!
This is the big Budweiser Clydsdale truck, it was massive. So of course we had to climb on for a picture.
This was sooo cool, Liam got to climb into a Army jeep, sit up top and hold onto the rifle up top and turn the crank and spin the whole seat around. I know we shouldn't encourage violence but come on you know you want a turn. He was so excited how could I say no. His dad was so jealous I could tellnhe was replaying a video game in his mind the whole time.
Yes that is me sitting in a torpedo, I make sensless violence look good.

Baby Business At The Calgary Zoo!
No matter who you are or how tough you might try to act everyone coo's over a newborn baby. Even if it looks like a monkey and smells like one too. This is the newest addition to the Calgary zoo. Not sure on the specifics I just know when I walked into the Gorilla exhibit this is what I found. One tired baby and her very tired Momma. I can sooo feel her pain. They were beautiful and amazing to see.

There are many people who think zoo's are cruel and inhumane but I still think they have a pretty darn good life here in Calgary. Besides when am I ever going to be that close to a baby gorilla without the threat of being beaten to death by a herd of monkeys. So I will enjoy it while it lasts.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Your never to old to learn new tricks!

I am very fortunate to love my job, all of my jobs. I work hard and get paid to do something wonderful. For any one who doesn't know I am a hairdresser and an Arbonne Consultant. I love both businesses and wouldn't trade my jobs for anything. I am self-employed and very proud of the businesses I have built up. I try to always have a good work ethic and if I don't want to work one day I have the luxury of not. If I don't like my boss (me) then I ignore her for awhile and deal with her when I'm good and ready. She is my best and worst enemy. I love the beauty industry because it allows me to be expressive and artistic. Most of my work now is pretty low key but there was a time in my life when I got to make Geisha's and Vogue models and I have the trophy's to prove it. I have always tryed to learn new things and give my customers something different and now I am sooooo excited about my latest service.
In two days I will be spending the day with a lovely women who will be training me on applying nails and doing manicures. I can't wait. I love these new nails, they are called Krystle nails and they are not your typical nails. There is very little filing of the natural nail and also no build up of product so as they grow you aren't left with a ridge at the top. The product has titanium in it so they are super strong. If they can withstand the abuse I give them then they can handle anything. When you get tired of wearing them all I have to do is soak them in a special solution and they melt right off leaving your natural nail just as intact as it was previous to wearing the false ones. You can put the solution on right over your own nails if you want to grow your own and they will help them grow. This product is amazing and I can't wait to get my hands and everyone else's into it. You know what else is great, I get a whole day to be with another adult and no one screaming at me to get then juice, or take a potty break, or make lunch, or tell me how bored they are. I get to leave the kids with my dear friend Jen who knows how badly I need this break. I havn't had a break in weeks and boy are my nerves FRIED!!! Don't get me wrong I love being with my baby's but when it gets to 24/7 I start to lose my patience and just need to put my brain to use somewhere else. I love working at home and I love working, it allows me to have my own sense of being. I get to be mom and the hairdresser and it doesn't get any better than that. I am so looking forward to a new service at home something different and challenging, so if you want a beautiful set of nails for the rest of the summer, lets hook up because I won't be charging for sets of nails until september 1st.
Here's my challenge to all us stay at home moms.... Learn something before the year is through. Challenge yourself to go beyond what you know and learn a new skill. If I can do it I know you can to. See what your made of and challenge yourself a little. What doesn't kill us will only make us stronger. Good luck and let me know what your new skills are.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Discovering "The Secret"

Now you may all think I am totally off my rocker, that Tammy has really gone off the deep end now and the looney bin is on route but hear me out first.

I have recently been watching the movie and reading the book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrnes. I have really enjoyed listening to the concepts explained in the story. It's all about the secret to life and how to be successful. I am looking for a little success in my life. I have a great life but I want to make it amazing. I want my family to feel like they can do anything and I firmly belive that if I can radiate that feeling of success and happiness I will teach them how to have that as well. This doesn't mean I want millions of dollars and a mansion with full servants and a pool boy (he he) it just means I want to not have to worry about the little things in life. I want to go out and get my year supply of food and not stress over how, I want to shop and treat myself without guilt. I want to take my kids on holidays and not worry about the bill when I get home. I want to know that should I have to take of myself and children alone I can. I am a business minded person, I do not like the 9-5 job I work alone and I have always enjoyed that. With Arbonne I'm far from alone but I'm still my own boss and I set my hours. The salon keeps me social but I call all the shots. The question I keep asking myself is how can I make these work choices benefit my family and give us this finacial freedom.

The first step I've been taught is "Gratitude" I need to be grateful for what I already have. Here is what I am grateful for...
My kids and the sweet way they love and play and forgive and roll with the punches.
My husband and his patience for never knowing whats going to happen next, also his belief in me and what I can accomplish.
My family for giving me a loving enviroment to grow up in.
My friends and the love and support they always have ready when I need it.
My jobs and the feelings of success they give me. The confidence I have developed from them.
My Heavenly Father for guiding me with a gentle hand to where I need tobe and bringing in the right people to bless me along the way.
My home. It is the symbol for all I have worked for. I found it, I bought it, I make it what it truly is.

That is only the tip of the iceburg. My life is sooooo rich and I have learned that the "Secret" to being happy is knowing that I already am and allowing the feeling to grow and develop and not focus one the bad just focus on the good that is already here and watch it turn into more of what I desire.

Tonight I really needed to remember all I have because it's been arough week. So instead of letting it get me down I am going to regroup and wipe my slate clean. I am strong, successful, and my possibilitys are endless. Look out world here I come.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Long Awaited Toothfairy!!

After going through kindergarten and grade one and watching all his little buddies lose their teeth and not a little wiggle, my baby finally lost his first tooth. It was a bittersweet moment for me but he was thrilled. He actually pulled it out himself and was very proud of what he had done. Liam is alot like me, we don't look for pain in fact we avoid it all costs. Obviously he really wanted that tooth out. The toothfairy was very generous for the first tooth so he was very excited the next morning.
I have to admit it really grosses me out to look at it. I can handle some pretty gross things but wiggly teeth make me want to hurl. I guess I better get used to it. The tooth beside it came out today and now he looks like my grandfather and talks with a lot of extra spit right now.
I just can't figure out where the time has gone. When did he turn into a big boy, where is my baby. I adore you my little man, please don't grow up to fast I will miss this little person who pulls out teeth and still likes to cuddle me.
I love you!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Have You Hugged My Tree Today!
I love my tree! I have a wonderful white lilac tree in my front yard. At least that's what I think it is. This year it bloomed so nicely especially since last years late spring snow fall nearly killed it. I love walking out my front door and getting slapped in the face with its sweet aroma. I grew up with purple lilacs in my yard and now I have my own white ones.
It's still a little droopy on one side from the snow last year but may of the other trees in the neighborhood were completly destroyed so I'm just grateful it's still standing.
Now that it's hot out the flowers are gone but the tree still has a great presence in the front yard and I love it's beauty. I'm not a real nature seeker but I love how it makes the front yard feel even more like home.

Liam is getting quite the head of hair. For those who don't know my hubby is slightly shy of a few hairs on his own head so we are grateful for all that our boy has. This summer we decided that it needed to be really short because it's just to dang hot out.
So out came the clippers. #4 on top and #2 on the sides. My poor hubby was so sad, but it had to be done.
We had some fun with the camera and gave him a reverse mohawk, don't worry it did'nt stay that way for long.
Here is what we were left with. I know he looks slightly hoodlumish at that moment but it has grown out and it's quite a bit longer now. It grows so fast and I can't keep up with it. He's a lot blonder underneath and looks more like his sister now.
He is so funny when the camera comes out. Don't fret over the tattoo it's all that was left from FUNDAY at school. It's funny he should pick that paticular one to put on and also that he choose to put it on that shoulder because his Uncle Scott (my little brother) has a scorpion on his right shoulder as well. Creepy huh?
Here's to keeping it cool over summer!

Someone Shot Sleeping Beauty!

I love to take pictures of baby's sleeping, it's the most peaceful part of the day and I love to look at there sweet faces. The other night I poked my head in to check on Kelsey and this is how I found her. The weather here is getting warmer and she tends to kick off her blankets and I'm not sure what happened to her after that.
I will confess I left her that way so her dad could move back the other way, he's better at resettling her in the night.
Little moments to laugh at. I'll save this one for the wedding photos.

My "Sweet" Boy!

Last month was our Aunty Mary's birthday and we were designated cake duty. I make a lot of the cakes for our functions and I love doing it but this time my 6yr old decided he wanted to make it. OK I said. So we did everything, he made the cake himself (with pre measured ingredients) and I let him go hard with the icing. It was soooo much fun to watch him create his masterpiece and I personally think he did an amazing job. Liam is our artistic one he loves to draw and create with his hands. He will be my art student and I am so proud.

After we finished the cake it was my turn to be creative and what better canvas then a 6yr old. I took the left over icing in my icing bag and proceded to give him a goutee and moustache and if you look really carefully I added a pair of earrings (the only ones he will ever have). Then really fun part was watching him try to lick it all off his own face. I'll confess I helped. I love whipped icing and it was still yummy comming off his face.
I love these little moments he and I have, I get so busy with work, I sometimes forget to play and this paticular night I did not. I can't wait for the next birthday so we can decorate all over again. I think I'll make him look like pres. lincoln HE HE.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Our Baby Is Three!!

I know this is a little late but here is my baby girl turning three.

I can't belive how fast the last three years have passed. Three years ago when Kelsey was only 8 weeks old we moved into our first house. It was big step for all of us but exciting none the less and now here we are quite settled and celebrating our little girls 3rd birthday.

We kept it pretty simple this year. We had a trip to the IMAX to see Kung Fu Panda ( holy cow it was funny) and it was only the second time we had taken her to a movie theatre. A few wiggles and a large bucket of popcorn later, we were rolling in the aisles and having a great time. Then we went to our favorite family resturant Applebees, for chocolate shakes and dinner. It was great. Then we headed home for cake and presents. She was spoiled as usual, my hubby and I have no control when it comes to buying gifts for our kids. Oh well your only three once right.

It was a great day and when I look at these pictures and see how much she's grown and what a sweet girl she really is, I just fall in love all over again. Kelsey you are our sunshine and we love you and your brother more then I can express. Happy Birthday baby girl we love you.