Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In May we had the chance to see our boy in his year end concert. The kids sang for us and as usual made all the moms cry. In the finale number they sang an old song "we are the world" I remember singing that when I was in school a few years older then he is. Time flys and sometimes it's a little to quick.
It's hard to belive that this sweet little boy of mine will be leaving grade one soon to take on the academic challenges of the second grade. When we started our son in school he was quite young (we thought) only to find a wonderful teacher who worked so well with him and got him started on the right path. Now this sweet child of ours reads to us and teaches me things I have long forgotten about. I love to watch him learn and grow and become the little man he is. Most of the time he enjoys going to school and has a good time with his buddy's, but there was a tiny issue with a certain boy this year and that was worked out quite quickly and now they are buddies. I forgot how quickly we as children love and hate people so fast. I remember the samw things happening to me and how what seemed so huge and awful things felt in one moment and then the next moment everyone is friends again. Why can't we be the same way as adults. This is why children are so beautiful to us.
Liam I hope one day you can read this and see how special you are to me and your dad. You are the first born for a reason. You are smart and sweet and sensitive to others and it makes you the incredible person you will one day become. We are so proud of you and hope you will grab on to all the possibilities you can. You are a bit of a daydreamer your teachers have said but that just tells us that you have amazing ideas and one day you will make them come to life. We love you son and look forward to our next adventures with you.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My trip to mexico was an adventure to say the least. It was fun in many ways but stressful in sooooo many others.

I'll start with the flight. I will admit I quite like to fly it gives me a chance to read and relax and catch up on some quiet time I don't usually get. I flew from Calgary to Houston then transfered planes and went into CanCun. When we were desending into CanCun I felt a pitin my stomach and wasn't sure if it was nerves or intuition. Well guess what I do have intuition. I made it through customs ok but when I went to retrieve my luggage it wsa not there. No big deal right? Wrong! My entire salon was stuffed into that bag and if it was lost I was hooped. The women at the ticket counter was very nice and promised that it would be returned the very next day. Well it was but not until 4pm the next day!!
The second day was quiet, but relaxing I couldn't go anywhere because I had to wait for my luggage to arrive. I wandered the town for a little bit but only long enough to burn my back and arms. Everyone was so good to me, I was affectionatly refered to as "the hairdresser" and was treated very well by everyone. They fed me, watered me, and shared clothes and sunscreen until my bag arrived.
At 3pm we started the hair marathon, and did some trials for the wedding, did a few haircuts, and got everyone ready for the rehersal party. Have you ever tried to do someones hair fresh out of the pool or ocean? It's different let me tell you. I have to say it was a very fun way to learn hair all over again. We then headed to a neighboring resturant for dinner and a wonderful fireworks display that the groom suprised his bride with to show her how much he loved her. Nice eh?!
The next morning was the wedding and it was a little slow to start but by 10:30 we were in full hair swing, cutting and styling and curling and anything else we could think of. I worked straight through until it was time to walk down the aisle and the girls were beautiful. I was very proud of my work and very grateful to be a part of such an incredible event. Most destiantion weddings have just a handful of people in attendance but this one had 80 people there. It was awesome.
The next day my taxi picked me up at 4:15am and we were off to the airport yet again. What a whirlwind but I would definalty do it again, only this time I will be better prepared.
Oh and for all you moms and dads who think Dora and Diego are haunting you, be grateful I was sure glad for the few tidbits I learned from all my years with them.
Well till the next time....


When my son was born he immediatly looked liked his dad and that has never changed. When my daughter was born she looked alot like her brother but her eyes were definatly blue. That gave a little hope that one day I might have a child that looked like me. I mean I was a cute kid and as an adult I never made anyone run screaming from a room so I can't be that bad. Well now that this sweet girl is growing up and almost 3yrs old she is starting to look alot more like her mom. These pictures were taken early in the morning and in our truest form and I can actually see a resemblance. Growing up I was always told I looked like my mother and I was proud of that. My mom is beautiful women in all stages of her life and I am proud to resemble any part of her (even the white hairs on my head). I was also told that my personality is the spitting image of my mom but my daughter and I are polar opposites right now. She is stubborn and definant and nobody pushes her around maybe she more like her nana afterall. LOL. I look forward to watching her grow and seeing the kind of woman she will become, for now we will always have pictures.
I Love You Sweet Girl!!

Monday, May 12, 2008


I am about to live every hairdressers dream. A client is flying me to Mexico today to travel down and do all the hair for her wedding on wednesday. I have always wanted someone to want my skills enough to take me somewhere exciting and now it's about to happen.

My family has been ver supportive although very jealous and I wish I could take my honey with me but alas today I fly solo. I am only now getting excited and a little nervous too. I will be home on thursday day and I will let you all know what wonderful adventures I have had. Not to mention the 12 heads of hair I will be tending to.

See ya soon.