Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Dirty Girl!!

So now what pray tell would I be about to tell you about my life with a heading like that.....

As you all know we are in the process of developing our basement and it's been a long and dusty road. Dusty you say, well right now we are still in the sanding and mudding stage. I was starting to lose my patience with my husband for taking so long but I decided to stop complaning and actually get down there and help out. Holy Crap it's a tedious job. I spent the whole time sanding our stairwell and it's a job I can't wait till it's over and done. Hopefully this weekend we will be all finished with all the really dirty work. My whole house is a complete destruction zone and I can't wait for it to all be done.

We have been so busy with so many other things that the basement has unfortunatly taken a back seat. Oh well good things come to those who wait right?

Not much else is new around here. I've been busy with lot's of hair and I was fortunate to have been part of the Walton/Giles wedding on the weekend and that was loads of fun. Now were getting ready for ou baby's first birthday on the 14th of June. Then we have Patrick's on the 18th of June. Party, Party, Party. For those of you who havn't gotten to know me really well yet, I tend to get carried away for my kids and my spouse. I love to spoil those I adore and well family is the first to reap those benefits.

Well I'm off to party plan see ya'll soon

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lovin' dat man of mine!

I have had a CRAPPY day. My baby girl screamed at me all day, I had to get up at the butt crack of dawn to do hair, my son drove me crazy and I'm not even sure what he did, and then I went to Weight Watchers and was up 1.6 lbs. I know that doesn't sound like much to some people but when I keep gaining and losing the same pound it's a little frustrating. So I came home and shoveled in my dinner then when no one was around I inhaled a huge bowl ice cream with chocloate sauce and then I felt like crap, so I had a good cry and do I feel better, no not really. So what did my man do. He gave me a huge hug and told me that I shouldn't give up and told me that we would try to be more help to me and what ever he could do to help he would. He even offered to get up at 6:30 am with the kids so I could go running in the morning and get my excersise over with. That may not sound like much to some people but for me that's huge. My hubby is not a morning person and I don't think he realizes how much that meant to me. He's also been trying to keep me sane by picking up after the kids more and paying more attention to my moods lately. He know's when I need to get out and just send's me on my way and never question's what I do when I'm out. As long as I come home happy, he's happy. I think he's the only reason my children have survived the last few day's and I havn't pulled out all my hair. I'm a lucky girl to have him, I just hope it last's for awhile. He's not perfect but hey at least he's trying.

My sweet hubby and my baby girl have just spent the entire weekend with there heads in the toilet. We had a wicked round of stomach flu go through the house and thankfully my 4yr old and I havn't caught it (yet). I had never heard my honey vomit before. He managed to freak out the cat's, frighten the kids and make the neighbors think I was killing him. Not a pretty picture let me tell you. I thought I was bad. Well at least he doesn't sob like a baby when he's doing it. Unlike his dainty wife.

I also went to Edmonton to visit our good friends the Brown's and do a little hair. That was nice visit but I'm sure that little visit didn't help the old diet much. Who knew they even made 10 point cake, but sobey's does and it's quite good. To good I have to tell you. Stay away from that.

Well here's to another week of mommyhood and weight watcher's. Wish me luck!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Crusty Butt Tammy!!

Today is not a good day to call me for a little sunshine. I went to bed feeling miserable and those feelings havn't gone away yet. You know how you feel when you open your eyes in the morning and you can just feel the cloud of crustyness draped around you. Mostly I'm feeling lousy because of my own selfishness but it's hard not to sometimes. I'd like to think that I'm not normally self-absorbed but there are moment's in my life when I would like a moment to shine. I don't want it all the time but every once in awhile would be nice. Unfortunatly higher powers feel that I need to be a little more humble. I guess one day I will understand it all but for now I'm just going to pretend I'm my son and stick out my bottom lip and pout a little.

The major problem with feeling this way is I also have a great desire to eat everything in my pantry. Those chocolate pop tart's are calling my name. The sad truth is I really don't need to do that to myself. I was up a pound at weight watchers last night and I know it's because I spend to much time making excuses for why I deserve a piece of cake, or pie, or cookie, or chocolate bar or any of the other thing's I think bring me comfort. But do they really, unfortunatly YES they do. When I feel lousy food makes me feel better, plain and simple. What do I do about it, well nothing. I go to bed deprived and hope the feeling will pass over night. Does it? Well sometimes other times I just have to keep busy. My house had never been so clean, and that makes me feel great.

So tell me if you don't find comfort in food, where do you get your comfort from? Let me in on your secret's and maybe I can re-invent my own self.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Nothing really exciting!!

Well I can't think of anything really exciting to fill you in on. My life has been rather dull lately. The whole family had been down with sinus colds and so were a pretty snotty bunch right at this moment.

I'm still trudging through the weight watcher lifestyle and it's moving along slowly, but as I've learned in the past slow and steady wins the race and keeps you where you should be. For those of you reading who think you can't afford to do weight watchers, just think of it as an investment in your future. Besides if you hubby or kids were struggling with there weight you would budget where you needed to for them, so why not yourself. I couldn't really afford to do it either but I decided that I couldn't afford not to either.

Well now that my W.W. plug is done I'm struggling as to what to share with you next.

As I've mentioned in the past, I have a number of dear friends that are all with child at the moment and I beaked off a few post back about my desire to not follow in there footsteps but I want to let them all know how happy and excited I truly am for all of them. As I look at my baby girl tonight and realize that she will be turning one next month I have been taking the time to reflect on how fast she has grown and how short our time with them is. I mostly enjoy my pregnancy's although her's was a paticular challenge. I do remember the wonderful sensations of her moving about in my belly and I will never forget the elation I felt the moment they told me that she would be girl. I was actualy getting a daughter. She is my little bundle of love and even though there are day's I wish she was still in my belly where I couldn't hear her screaming and whinning, I wouldn't trade her for the world. So as I feel your pain as you start each morning with your head in the toilet or wake up to realize you have now gone a full week without a half decent night's sleep, or you are really wanting your swollen ankles back to there beautiful curvy selve's again, just remember it's only a short time in the grand scheme of things and then you will have your little miracle with you forever and lay awake at night wishing you could put back. No ever said motherhood was glamourous. But I think your all beautiful, club feet, wide hips. big boobs and all. Try and get some rest and I'll check in later.