Monday, April 28, 2008


Bailey is the newest addition to our family. We havn't been blessed with a third baby yet so here is the next best thing.
Bailey is a 6month old golden retriever border collie X. She has a great temperment, a quiet disposition and she has more energy then any child I know combined. She loves the kids and

they love her. She is gentle and never barks unless I have the vacume on. She is my personal trainer, we run our 10K together. We have a great off leash park really close by and spend a lot of time up there. She has been a great addition to our family and I am glad to have her here. I will admit though that the first 2 months were hard. I have potty trained 2 kids and now a dog and I'm not sure which is harder, but I'm sure glad that's over. I hope you can all meet her soon she loves company and if she's pees a little when you meet her, that means she likes you. Please don't be

offended though if I don't. I like you anyway.

A Romantic Evening.

For our anniversary we had a lovely evening together thanks to good friends who took our kids and dog overnight.

We started out with a fabulous steak dinner at the Cattle Baron which was probably the best steak dinner I have ever had. We had French Onion Soup to start and a beautiful steak dinner to follow. The resturant was lovely and mostly quiet except the loud laugher in the far corner. Now that may seem rude but I am a loud laugher and my laugh is loud!

Well this person (not sure if it was male or female) was REALLY annoying. That did not stop our evening though.
Next we checked in at the Greenwood Inn for the evening, but decided that it was a little early for being inside so we headed to Best Buy where my honey bought me a new camera for our anniversary. Then we poked around a little more and headed back to the Inn.

There we had sparkling grape juice, a box of chocolates and a king size bed waiting for us. It was a great night and the room service breakfast was a great way to end our stay. Next 10yr mark I plan to do it again. (in Hawaii)

10 Roses for 10 years!

You have to understand my hubby HATES buying flowers and this year he is really on a roll. Thursday April 24th 2008 was our 10th wedding anniversary. I was not feeling great as I was experiancing a toothache (nothing unusual lately, more about that later) and I had not intention of running to the door to greet anyone, until I saw a a humongous package in his arms. 10 roses for 10 yrs joined my Mums and orchids. The roses have been getting bigger everyday and are gorgeous on my kitchen ledge. We also had a lovely lunch at the Olive Garden with our 21/2 yr old to chaperone. The evening was a bit of a disapointment as I ended up having a root canal that night and was totally out of commission.
I must say 10yrs has gone by fast but all our hard work has made it worth it.
Here's to 10 more.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An Amazing Thing!!

This weekend I did an amazing thing with some amazing women. I ran the Vancouver Sun Run 10K race. Yes you read that right I RAN!! Not only did I cross the finish line I RAN over it. I RAN the whole way. I did not stop RUNNING the whole race. It was the first time I have RUN 10K and I have to pat myself on the back for all my hard work. If you can't already tell I am pretty darn proud of myself.

I went with Tracy and Amber and Tracy sister Sue ran with us. It was a first time race for all of us and we came away feeling pretty darn good about ourselves. The most I had run was 7k on a treadmill and 41/2 on the road here at home but when your in a crowd of 59,000 + people and running with friends the fear of losing them keeps you moving. It was the most amazing feeling crossing that finish line and knowing that I did something great for myself. My running this race was all for me and showing myself that I am capable of anything. I also have to say how proud I am of my girls for acheiving the same goal.

The weekend wasn't just about running the race either we had a great time catching up with old friends and doing a major shopping spree. We kept it exciting also; everything from Value Village shopping to Lululemon workout gear. We know how to have the best of both worlds. I love shopping with my friends and being girly.

We ate all our favorite foods with all our favorite friends, Sushi w/ Marcy and Tricia and Heather, Fish and chips on the beach w/ Hazel and Sue and The doctors office we were racing with bought us a fabulous meal downtown Vancouver the night before the race. We got to stay at the Vancouver Fairmont Hotel the night before the race and that was a real treat. The start line for the race was just outside our front door. We hope to make this an annual thing and I can't wait to start training for the next one.

Thank you girls for making this weekend the best one I've had in a a long time. Thank you Hazel for putting us up and always making us feel welcome. It's always so great to catch up and keep in touch with those I care about. Maybe next time they will come visit me.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Can't Sleep and Need To Breath!!

It's 3:30 in the morning and I am having an a mild panic attack. I haven't had one in about two months and this time it woke me up. The only thing I can think of is my pets and are they having to much variety in there diets and am I making them sick. Would you like me to back up a bit, o.k. here goes.

The last time I blogged was about January and I was so excited about a new year and all the things I was going to do. Then I started having some problems with anxiety. Small attacks here and there, not wanting to go to work (weight watchers) not happy at home, not feeling like I was doing enough you know the usual mom, wife, women stuff. I had a little bit of depression and between the two it was enough to worry some friends and make me think I was losing my mind. When I went to seek help I was told to take a step back and down size my life a bit. Good advice I actually quit my weight watcher job, said NO to more dayhome kids and excersised more. I was actually feeling better. Oh did I mention the retail therapy that helps too. My mom came to visit and that was also better. I have been doing really well and my life also feels alot less cluttered. My home is getting better organized and that also feels like a huge weight lifted.

Just so I didn't feel to relaxed we decided to get a dog in january and she has also been a full time job. That job is starting to ease off a bit now, she is mostly house trained and is training quite quickly, that cat hates her and so she just keeps her space but you can sure hear her when the two meet. Piddles is a great cat she just hates everyone except us. So this last weekend my hubby and I went off to the Pet Expo to see what we could do for our animals. We came home with bags of food samples for each pet and a few new toys to try out. Now for some reason all I can dream about tonight is all this food and are we going to make them sick trying new stuff and how bad is that for them are we doing them any favors by changing there diet and why is this bothering me. I have alot going on this week and maybe I need to slow down a bit but holy cow am I wired right now. I havn't felt this way in a really long time. Breath Tammy the animals are fine and you need a holiday. It's a good thing I have one booked for this weekend.

Yes you read that right I am going away this weekend for a little break. Tracy and Amber and I are going to Vancouver to do the Sun Run. A 10K run through scenic downtown vancouver. I can't wait to hang out with my girls and just relax. Between sick kids, animals, hair, husband, church callings, and all the other stuff I do I am looking forward to sushi with friends, fish and chips on the beach and a 10K run that will most likely kick my butt. Am I ready to run, well were about to find out. The nice thing about being a dog owner is that I have my own personel trainer who demands to be run every day. Did I mention she's a big dog. Her name is Bailey and she is half Golden Retriever and half Border Collie. She is a very high energy dog/puppy and she keeps me motivated. Although she won't be at the race to drag me to the finish line I am depending on my friends to do that for me.

Well I am calming down now and am starting to feel a little bit better. I want to post more and I am sorry for the long gaps in time. Perhaps if I these attacks more often at night I would stay current. For those of you wondering why I never called to tell you about my issues please forgive me, I kept it quiet for many reasons and I know that everyone would be so supportive but I needed to work through this and have become a much stronger person because of it. I have a beautiful back bone I hope to never use on the people I love.

See you soon