Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Baby Blues!

For anyone out there who has ever had kids you know exactly what I'm about to talk about.

I have three beautiful kids who I adore to pieces but since the birth of my last baby (Brinely) I have had a few rough days. Mostly the last month has been a bit of a challenge. Is it the baby causing me this grief NO! She is a wonderful baby. She rarely fusses, eats great (no nursing this time), sleeps like a dream and makes me smile all the time. The other two are busy and make me crazy but I really don't think there the issue either. No this time I really understand what chemical imbalance is really all about.

I am moody and wheepy and cranky most days. I have no problen speaking my mind and get really pissy when people question what I'm feeling. I don't get mad very often but when I do get away from me and let me have my space. I've always been that way it's a family thing. So why this time, why now am I having this problem. I had post-pardum with my first baby but it was mostly sleep induced. I had no problems with my second and now with #3 I want to crawl into a hole. I don't feel like I need drugs or therapy I just need to work through it but some days I really just want the world to go away. For example today I was fine, lot's of work to keep me pre-occupied and then the evening was over but yesterday I was quite content to stay home and ignore everyone. What the heck!!!!

I know this will pass and I will be back to myself soon but I feel bad for my kids who get the brunt of it on the bad days. Thank goodness for school days. If you have any idea's I would love to hear them and perhaps as we women do, we can figure it out together. Thanks

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Brinley's Baby Blessing!

We blessed Brinley the beginning of July and had the most wonderful turn out of family and friends. The Browns, the Dosco's, the Mckinnons, the Knaus's, the Klaussens, and of course Grandma and Grandpa Hanson were there also. It was so nice to have so many loved ones in attendance as we live so far away from our family. We didn't get many pictures on the actual day so I had my friend Becky come to the house to take photo's of Brinley in her gown.

The gown she wore was the very same one I wore when I was christened as a baby 32 years ago. It meant alot to me to have in my gown and makes up that much closer. She was perfect for the blessing and her dad did a great job blessing her.

She wasn't to thrilled to be having her picture taken this paticular day but she warmed up to it after awhile.
She has the funniest expressions this girl it makes me laugh every time.

Brinley dress was bigger and longer then her 4 year old sister's dress was. Kelsey really wanted to wear her sisters but I managed to talk her out of it.

Brinley I hope you know how much your family adores you and I can't wait to see you grow up to be the beautiful woman I know Heavenly Father sent to us. I love you!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Welcoming our New Baby Girl!!!

I am proud to introduce the newest addition to the Hanson Clan!
Brinley Evelyn Hanson
Weighing in at 9lbs 9.5 oz
22.5 inches long
Born on May 20th 2:30 ish in the afternoon

This is her very proud big sister Kelsey who loves to shout her baby sister's name at the top of her lungs at least 100 times a day and would touch her all day long if she could!
Patrick is a very proud Dad once again. He once told me that if we win the lottery we would have a dozen kids. I think after watching this one arrive (not pretty) He will just savor the moments he has with Brinley. He was a great coach again and I wouldn't trade him for anything. We have a tradition with each baby born I get a HUGE greasy burger that night for dinner and this time was no different. He got me a meal from a joint called FATBURGER!. The name say's it all. I couldn't even finish it. It was sooo worth giving birth for!

Here she is moments after being born. I won't go into all the gory details just know she came fast and furious and with a vengence, just like her big sister did. She was beautiful from the moment she came screaming out and only gets more gorgeous each and every day.

I love this little girl soooo much and can't belive she's all mine to love and adore. I know I'm a little late with this post and will have more pictures soon, just bear with me. 3 is definalty an adjustment especially when I only took 2 weeks off work and now I'm back at it. Thanks goodness the other two are well trained.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

In case anyone missed the last year of my life, I was busy making a baby. It was definatly an eventful pregnancy one I am in no hurry to repeat anytime soon. Being pregnant is not one of my favorite things to do but the reward in the end is really all worth it.
I experianced some challenges along the way, nothing to serious but I really had to slow down and if you know me at all that's not something I do very well. In the end I learned alot about my limits and also learned to say no. Yeah me thats come in handy even after having a baby. My dear friend Becky took these pictures of me near the end of my pregnancy and I have to say I looked the best this time around. I was very round and had some very cute hand me downs to wear. Maternity clothes have come a long way since my first go at this.

Do I miss this belly of mine... No, but I have to say in hind sight I was really cute and my baby is also. At least it's been documented.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Trying something new!!

So what do you think? I'm probably the most non-technical person on the planet but I got brave and tried a new website and now my blog has a new look. Tell me what you think so I can get a second, third and fourth opinion. I make no promises but I'm hoping that this will inspire me to keep up a little better on my blogging.

Wish me luck and enjoy the new picture!