Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cub Scout Liam.
Well the big day finally arrived when Liam could be a Cub Scout. He has watched his Dad atended Scouts for years and has always wanted to be a part of it and now he can.

We attended the Baden Powell Banquet to watch him be sworn in and he was grinning from Ear to Ear. He was so excited to be a part of something with all boys in it. He also now attends a primary class of all boys and to Liam that is amazing. He has NEVER had a primary class with boys in it. Only girls so now he actually enjoys going to church. PHEW that only took 8 years.
Here are my men in uniform. Hey I'll take what I can get. This was a great moment for both of my boys and they look so cute in there matching duds! It's a shame Patrick got released from scouts just shortly afterwards but I have no fear he'll be back sooner than later.

His great-grandfather would've been so proud. My grandfather who I never got the chance to know was a HUGE scouter and now his legacy is being passed on.
Here's to lots of badge of work and camping with Dad to acheive them.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Liams Baptism!!!
It's hard for me to belive that my baby has turned 8 and is now old enough to start thinking about his salvation. I joined the church when I was 16 so I had a few more years to get into trouble and develop a conscience. Here is my baby boy taking his turn in the waters if Baptism. We were so proud of him this day.

I know it was also a very proud moment for Patrick as well. He joined the church when he was 17 and has waited a long time to be able to baptise his own children and now it's started.

Kelsey was sooo excited as well. She may not always show her big brother how much she loves him but she really does and looks to him for an example.

The Relief Society room was packed with friends and family from all over. We have been very blessed to know such wonderful people in our lives and were so grateful that they all took the time to show Liam how much he is loved.

Me and my girls, life doesn't get any better than this!

We were so happy to have Nana with us this weekend. She was the only family to come and she even gave the talk on Baptism. It was wonderful. The spirit was overwhelming that day and I'm so touched by the love felt by all who attended. The Bishop gave an amazing welcome to the ward for Liam and told him what a wonderful spirit he was. He talked about his interview with Liam prior to the Baptism and how afterwards he felt so close to Heaven just speaking with Liam and that that didn't happen in most interviews. He spoke of his love for him and we knew that he was sincere as we watched the tears flow from his eyes as he spoke. I truly feel the love of my Heavenly Father when I think back on this day and know that he watched overs us each and every day. I can't wait for the next milestones so we can feel that overwhelming love again.

Sleeping Beauty!
I love to take pictures of my kids sleeping and this was no different. Brinley is a pretty good sleeper and she will quite often doze on the couch after her evening bottle until I can get her into bed.

I never had the opportunity of nursing Brinley and so when I used to bottle feed her I always had a receiving blanket up along her face to catch the drips and give her something to snuggle. She still sleeps with her blanket and snuggles it even when she's awake. She's such a little doll and it makes me sad that she won't stay like this for very long.

Meet My Mr. Wonderful!!
This is my always mature soon to be 38yr old husband and father of 3!
He is what you would call a giant kid. What we love about Dad is his endless amount of silly faces.
Kelsey is alot like her father and can keep up pretty good with him but she will learn much from the master.

I'm not even sure there was a reason for this face someone just pointed the camera at him and this is what he did. Mr. Serious!
Not sure if you can tell what it is he is holding but it actually a nose hair trimmer. Every man will need one a some point in their lives and I dedciced this Christmas Patrick needed one. This is what he thought about it.
I can't help but laugh when I look at that picture. It cracks me up!

I think this was his version of what Kelsey looked like when she first opened her gift. It's pretty darn close.

I love to load him up with chocolate at the holidays and he LOVES his dairy milk. That is an actual chocolate bar he is holding it was MASSIVE! So was his expression.

If there's one thing I can say about this house is there is always laughter comming from the walls and Daddy is usually the one trying to bring it about.
We love you baby!!

Preschool Christmas Concert!
This year's preschool concert was just as wonderful as last years. They sang, they rang there jingle bells and they showed us yet again how fun it is to be 4 years old.
Kelsey as usual was dressed as festivly as possible and was (in my mind) the star of the show. Well at least everyone knew she was there. She sang the loudest (when she wanted to sing) she stood out in the crowd (when she stood up when everyone else was sitting) and she made us laugh with her charm and cuteness!
She is truly a Diva in the making! I wonder where she gets that from?

She has the most amazing personality wrapped up in such a tiny little body. She knows she's charming too that's part of her problem somedays. I can't wait to see what the years ahead hold for her and see the amazing women she will one day become.

Let's just say the june dance recital will be interesting!

Family Home Evening!
Last year we decided as a family that we would put a better effort into having regular Family Home Evenings and it's become a bit of an obsession with us. Nothing gets in the way of FHE now. It's been a year and a half and we've never missed a week. We love how it gives us time together to talk about the gospel and helps us as parents to give our kids a better understanding of why we live the way we do. We are unusal people in the eyes of the world but we love how we stand out in a world that can be often hard and difficult to live in.

Somthing we started this year was reading the Book Of Mormon reader to the kids. Kelsey is still a little young to understand the scriptures but she is not to young to hear the stories from the BOM. They enjoy listening to their Dad tell them the stories and add his knowledge to an already exciting tale. I love to listen too and learn from what Patrick knows that I don't yet. I decided to really take the time to STUDY the scriptures this year so I can add more to our story time in the future.

We may not be perfect parents yet but at least we do have our perfect FHE record thus far. I look forward to feeling the spirit each week and know that if we continue to be faithful our family will be blessed beyond measure for our diligence.

Not So Little Anymore!

I know the last time I posted pictures of Brinley she was only a coule of months old where here she is now!
As you can see she is on the move so she must have been about 6 months old. (nice mom can't even remember how old the picture is) She has been trying to be mobile since she was born and so it was a great day for her to finally be able to motor around. It's helped that she has always liked to be on her tummy.
Can you see the twinkle of trouble in her eye's. She's like that ALL THE TIME! She gets into everything all day long and it keeps us on our toes. In fact as I type this she has destroyed my file box beside me and escaped up the stairs to see what's going on up there. Welcome to my life.
It's a good thing she's the cutest baby EVER or I might have to put her on Kajiji. lol