Thursday, December 14, 2006

There Is Something Terribly Wrong With Me!

If your not sure what I mean let me explain....

I have a disease called the " can't say NO to anything " disease. Let me go further...

Tammy can you cut my hair RIGHT NOW? Why sure come on over. (never mind the fact that it's 10pm and I've been up since 6am)

Tammy can you find a gift for my parents (my in-laws) to give to them in two days? Sure I'm up for the challenge of buying for the two hardest people in the world ever.

Tammy can we bake cookies and peanut brittle and rice krispy squares shaped like candy canes and fudge and chocolates and make christmas cards TODAY? Sure I only have 4 clients and a Weight Watcher meeting to do tonight.

Tammy can you watch 12 kids, cut hair, bake for the neighborhood, sing in the choir, dance on your head, sew a new dress, wrap all the presents and keep the house clean and not serve corn dogs for dinner. Sure I'm at your service.


I cannot say no to anyone, why is that.

I love to make people happy that's why I cut hair and teach Weight Watchers. I love to make people love themselves and love what I can make them become. I need to remember though that supermom was my mom and I do not need to be that women. My mom was amazing but I can bet my life she was probably very tired some days. I am tired most days. I have this thing that when I'm tired my body lets me know by starting to ache. It usually starts in my legs and works it's way up my back and If I've really pushed my self my arms start to ache as well. Yesterday I could barely lift up my arms to drive home from my W.W. meeting and I arrived home only to be joined my a full head of highlights, which if you want to do a half decent job you do need to lift them slightly higher then my waist. Well three Advil later I was on my way to giving said client and beautiful head of hair that I know will knock her hubbys socks off. I on the other hand was not a happy girl when the alarm went off at 6am and I dragged my butt out of bed to start a new day this morning. I need some calgon take me away time. Not happening though. I am heading off to Edmonton tomorrow to do 8 more heads of hair before the holidays start.

Why do I do this you ask? Well we will have a very merry christmas this year because of it and in the end I REALLY love what I do. I love making women good about themselves and I love feeling needed and I know that alot of my clients could never afford these luxuries if I didn't offer them. I keep prices low so we can afford to feel good and not feel guilty. So hey I will back on Sunday night and if I can make you good this holiday please let me and if not I will sure as heck be waiting for buisness in the new year.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Are We There Yet?

Crap this holiday is exhausting!! Have I mentioned I have 18 people coming for Christmas this year. It's not that I'm not excited because I'm totally pumped, but holy crap I am tired. I have tried to be as relaxed as I can but all of a sudden I realize that the gifts are not bought, the tree only just went up yesterday, the house is still a disaster (even after a full trunk load went to the 2nd hand store) and I'm really stinkin' tired. So what am I doing to remedy it, I am sitting here on Jen the Mom's computer while she pick's up her kids and I hang out at her house and pretend that the mess in my house doesn't exist. Is it working?

I have had lot's of drama in my life lately none that I can go into great detail about at the moment but let me tell you life is never dull when you have friends and family like mine. I love the people in my life but WOW am I grateful for my uneventful life and my boring kids and husband. Knock on wood life stays boring for awhile. Jen the Mom was right when she said I suffer from a disease called the can't say NO disease. I am going to duct tape my mouth shut on the first of January so I can hopefully have a restful month. How much you wanna bet that that won't last long. Oh well at least I'm never looking for something to do.

On a positive note the kids and I did get a good start on the holiday shopping last night and we may be done by the end of the weekend. Well maybe not done but at least almost there. I hope all your preparations are going well and don't worry the Christmas cards will hopefully be mailed out by Monday. Miss Tricia Price was the official first holiday card that arrived at our home today and was soon followed by one from Ron and Bel Bishop.

See you soon