Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Day In The Life Of Brinley!

Brinley loves the dishwasher, taking things out, climbing in or whatever she can stick in it. This day Jen's dishwasher was calling her name and she couldn't resist.
Liam adores his baby sister. He dotes on her all the time and it's never a burden for him to play with her and chase her around. She gets so excited when she sees him comming.

She is truly our angel baby. I mean really look at that face how could you ever disagree with me.
More time with her big brother and her bottle, her two favorite things.
Busted for stealing the bottle before we ever left for church. He flower headbands are a little hobby of mine. I love them on her.
She's a tough little stinker. She enjoys pushing her siblings around on the wagon. She lights up when her brother and sister play with her and it's great to watch.
Now she waits for someone to push her. 
How I love this baby, she is a joy to be around and I love to watch her grow. 
Mothers Day Tea and Performance!

The pre-school put on a great Mothers Day tea and all the kids sang to us and I loved it!
Kelsey even sang along with all the other kids. She loves to sing and we love to listen to her sing she has a great ability to remember song lyrics and makes up her own all the time also. They are so cute!
It was her best recital yet and I can't wait to see what's in store for the year end recital.
After the show the kids all got Freezies to enjoy and this was her face when she tried it. She said she didn't like it but she ate it all so I think she did but I'll never tell.
Thank you sweethart for making mothers days extra special. Love Ya!
Spring Storm!

At the beginning of May we had a crazy freak snow storm and man was it windy. The one good thing about snow in May is that it makes really good snow men.
The winter snow is to fluffy but the spring snow is good and wet and perfect for Frosty. I'm not much of a snowman expert but Kelsey I had a good time together anyways.
It was so windy no matter how hard you tried to open your eyes for a picture you just couldn't.

As it always goes in Alberta the next day was gorgeous and the snow melted pretty quick. Even Brinley could wander outside and explore all the puddles. Thank goodness she walked early so she stayed dry for about 5 minutes.
A Hanson's Safari.

When we do a safari as a family what it means is a walk out on the green space behind the house's across the street. We are very fortunate to have such a great space so close to home that we can go and walk and take the dog and she can run free and get some great exercise.
I love that we have these spaces close to home to walk and enjoy the good weather and to have these spaces to also be on our own and reflect on what we need to. I enjoy this time with my family and also when I get the chance to go alone it's a great place to ponder. 
I love this shot of Patrick and his girls. He's such a proud dad and I think this picture really shows it!
At the end of the walk it leads us to the park behind the house where we can stop for a few minutes to burn off a little more energy. Bailey even gets a turn on the slide. She's a good sharer. lol
Sweet Tooth Baby!

Brinley comes by her sweet tooth honestly. It runs in the family, we all have it.
So when I offered her the beater with the whip cream on it she was all over it.
Yes she is a little sugar drunk and we see that face often around here on each of us.
She's one sweet baby!
Spring Break With The Dosko's

We were so excited to have Amber and her kids come and spend a few days with us over spring break. We had some great days hangin' out doing just whatever we felt like.
We had some wonderful friends meet us at the zoo for a day of walking in the sunshine and enjoying all the zoo has to offer.

You could tell spring was in the air because there were baby's everywhere. The baby gorilla's are always my favorite.  They are so adorable when they are cuddling their momma's. 
The kids even got to pet an Armadillo. How cool is that?? She was cute too and the kids thought it was pretty neat to see her up close.

The kids love to be outside and I love all the smiles that can be captured so easily.
We even had a peacock show off for us so we could take pictures of him. 
It was so sad when spring break came to an end but we enjoyed our days and we are now counting down to summer.
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie!

Bailey is truly a baby to us! We love our puppy very much. People think were crazy for having such a big dog in our home but our home would feel very empty if she wasn't here. Yes our grass is trashed in spots and I am forever vacuming up dog hair but hey she's still cleaner then the kids and she doesn't make more laundry for me so really I can't complain. 
She is a loving pet and friend and she is so good to the kids why wouldn't ya love her. To meet Bailey is to love her and we truly do. Isn't that right puppy? Who loves ya? We do!
K.O.'d Baby!

If memory serves me this was taken on a sunday evening after church. We have church at 1:00 in the afternoon and it last's for 3 hours. I nap Brinley before we go but it still makes for a long afternoon for her. We were only half way through dinner and she was out cold.
She was trying to hold her head up with her little fist but she kept doing the nod forward. It was so cute to watch.
She was actually asleep while drinking this and I love it when they are so tired but heaven forbid they put down there bottle.
Poor Brinley, our church time will change to 9:00am in the fall then she can actually stay up long enough to enjoy dinner with us.
Sleep well angel girl!
Sunday Morning Girls!

This was Kelsey and I after we finished getting ready for church one sunday. Liam and Brinley are the spitting images of there Dad but Kelsey actually looks a little more like me. Especially with her blue eyes. 
Kelsey is a real girly girl and it's soooo fun to dress her up. Although now she has very strong opinions of what she's going to wear and when and how she will wear it. I mean really who gave her an opinion?
I hope she never loses that fire in her it will take her far one day. 
Once again I must say my children are beautiful and Kelsey in no exception, there is nothing homely about her, she is gorgeous inside and out!
Cub Car Rally 2010!

This was Liams First Cub Car Rally with the cubs. It was alot of fun watching him and Patrick build his car. They chose to do the Bat Mobile and it turned out great. He won for best all over design and that made him feel great!
Winning for best design helped make up for not winning any of the races. As you can see below he was a little disappointed. That's the name of the game though and he is looking forward to next year when he can try again.
The white car below is one that Patrick made last year for an Elders Quorum rally. It totally dominated the rally so he took his again to see how it would stand up. As you can see it's still pretty good. Not fancy but man was it fast.
Liam is really enjoying cubs and is making his place within the pack. I love that the church is involved with the scouting programs so these boys can learn so many wonderful things. It helps that we have an amazing leader right now who really puts all his effort into the program for the boys. I am so grateful for that because it has done alot for Liam as he's grown with the program.
Chillin' it McD's Style At The McKinnon's!

This was one of those random days where I decided to go out to Cochrane to do some consignment shopping. Jen works at this great place called Great Things In Store and it has the best second hand baby clothes. It also helps I do the owners hair in exchange for a running tab at the store. The McKinnon's came and joined us then we grabbed some McD's and went back to her place for a short visit.
I love days like these where the visit may be quick but the company is FANTASTIC!
Our kids are the best of friends and it's no coincidence that so are Jen and I.

Brinley made short work of her grilled cheese sandwich and there wasn't much left when she was done. Nothing like greasy food and great friends!