Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our Beautiful Ballerina!!

We decided to put Kelsey in dance this year. She is a very expressive little girl with ALOT of energy. The class she took was called "Happy Feet" It's a combination of Tap and Ballet.
This little girl might be built to look like a ballerina but let me tell you she is not a dainty little flower that is happy to stand at the bar and practise her positions. We had a parent viewing night and it was very apparent that next year she needs something a little more up beat.

She was however very fun to watch as she made up her own dance moves and walked to the beat of her own drum. She's alot like her mom that way. I didn't last long in Ballet either. The tap was better but she needs to be able to express herself in a different way.

There really is nothing cuter than a room full of little girls in pink though. The were really fun and Kelsey has learned to take better direction from a teacher and that was really what I wanted for her this year. Her recital is comming up soon and we look forward to seeing her own the stage.

I just realized this picture is in twice but really is it a hardship to look at it again. Our little angel girl all decked out in her recital costume. I love how grown up she's getting but I wish it would slow down just a little bit. Dance like no one's watching Kelsey even though I know you prefer an audience!!

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