Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Karate Kid!
The next best thing about being 8 around here is now Liam can take Karate with Bro. Johns at the church.
Bro. Johns has been a Karate instructor for years and now dedicates his time to teaching at the church for anyone who wants to learn. The only condition is they have to be 8 yrs old. Liam has waited 3 years for this and now he is active member of that group.
He LOVES it!! He is alot like his mom in the way that I have minimum athletic abilities. Liam enjoys more of the individual sports like Karate and skiing and so forth. He's doing very well in his class and since starting in January has now moved up a belt to Yellow! We are very proud and are so glad he found something he can do that he is excelling in.

I can sleep a little sounder with my little ninja around to protect me. Maybe!

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