Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spring Break With The Dosko's

We were so excited to have Amber and her kids come and spend a few days with us over spring break. We had some great days hangin' out doing just whatever we felt like.
We had some wonderful friends meet us at the zoo for a day of walking in the sunshine and enjoying all the zoo has to offer.

You could tell spring was in the air because there were baby's everywhere. The baby gorilla's are always my favorite.  They are so adorable when they are cuddling their momma's. 
The kids even got to pet an Armadillo. How cool is that?? She was cute too and the kids thought it was pretty neat to see her up close.

The kids love to be outside and I love all the smiles that can be captured so easily.
We even had a peacock show off for us so we could take pictures of him. 
It was so sad when spring break came to an end but we enjoyed our days and we are now counting down to summer.

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