Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cub Car Rally 2010!

This was Liams First Cub Car Rally with the cubs. It was alot of fun watching him and Patrick build his car. They chose to do the Bat Mobile and it turned out great. He won for best all over design and that made him feel great!
Winning for best design helped make up for not winning any of the races. As you can see below he was a little disappointed. That's the name of the game though and he is looking forward to next year when he can try again.
The white car below is one that Patrick made last year for an Elders Quorum rally. It totally dominated the rally so he took his again to see how it would stand up. As you can see it's still pretty good. Not fancy but man was it fast.
Liam is really enjoying cubs and is making his place within the pack. I love that the church is involved with the scouting programs so these boys can learn so many wonderful things. It helps that we have an amazing leader right now who really puts all his effort into the program for the boys. I am so grateful for that because it has done alot for Liam as he's grown with the program.

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