Friday, March 31, 2006

Hello Friends!!

So who thought I had dropped off the earth completly, well surprise I'm still here.

Now I know that I have been neglecting my weight confession's, and I did inform everyone that I was returning to weight watchers to try to redeem myself. Well three week's later I am a whopping 7lbs and 6oz lighter. I am enjoying the program and even better I'm enjoying the company of great friend who is a great encouragment to me and my struggle.

I have had the pleasure of much company from friends lately. One of my best girlfriends "Tara" and her three kids came and spent a weekend with us and we had a great time visting and hanging out. Tara and I got to go to the Cardston LDS Temple and just enjoy the peace and quiet of the temple which neither of us get to do very often. I think the most fun we had though was the 2 hour road trip there and back. She had no idea that I could be such a menace on the road. Neither did the moron in the little Hyundai that had to be taught a lesson. Never screw with two chicks who think I mean know that they already own the road. Obviously he's not married or he would have known better. He must have been realted to the "not so smart" waitress we had for lunch that wasn't told it's not customary to make your customers wait an hour for there food, especially when all I ordered was salad. I know were commanded to love everyone, but sometimes even the one's we love need to be wacked upside the head.
Tara and I also enjoyed sharing my bed ( wait there's more) and staying up late and chatting all night. ( sorry if that last part was disapointing ) It was good to catch up and pour out our hearts to each other, it's been a long time and was very much missed. There are some thing's that just can't be shared over the phone. We really miss having the McCarthy's around but were so happy the there new life is turning out so great.

I have also had the pleasure of having my Mom and Dad visit for awhile and they will be returning on the 12th of April again and hopefully we will be able to comence work on our basement and start building my salon. I can't wait to have space to let my creativity fly and also let the hair fly also. I'm also thinking about bringing in a makeup line. I was thinking Mary Kay. If anyone would be interested in anything let me know so I can get an idea if there would be much of a need for it. I would try to keep stuff in stock so when you get your hair done it would be readily accessible.

Not much else is new. My kids are growing and I am really enjoying the nice weather right now for them to get outside and spread there wings. Kelsey is starting to walk now. She's up to three steps now and her vocabulary is growing. We hear Daddy, Mama, Nana, Yucky and Uh Oh. Not bad for 9 months. She's a real gem and we love her so much. Liam is our little man and he's growing up to fast also. He got his first bike from nana and papa for easter and he's having a blast.

Well I hope to be a little more diligent in keeping up to date but I make no promises.
See you soon

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Miss Me!!!

Surprise! I'm still here, just barely but I'm back now. It's been a crazy couple of weeks and I don't even have anything super exciting to share. I know I havn't weighed-in in a long time either and for that I am truly sorry, especially to dear Alison who has been so diligent, sorry babe, I promise to do better. I realized last week that trying to lose weight on my own ( even with all the cyber help ) I just can't do it. I finally conceded defeat and went back to weight watchers. I re-joined with a friend and have actually had a pretty good week I thought. We'll see what the scales say tomorrow when I weigh in. It was really good to see all the girls I used to work with there and it's nice to be missed. Hopefully this attempt at regaining my once girlish figure ( or at least seeing my pants do up without the ever growing bulge ) will be more successful.

Liam has started skating lessons and is enjoying himself very much. The first lesson was a rough one and he came home a little frustrated and sporting a lovely black bruise on his hinney from landing on his skate ( OUCH ) I went and watched him today though and he's starting to catch on. At least now he stands up on his own when he does bail. It's fun to watch him learn it's like watching him learn to walk all over again, only this time it's acceptable to wear the crash helmet and elbow pads. I remember being a kid and if you had a helmet on it usually meant you were one of the "special" kids. Now it's mandatory that they all wear safety gear. Good thing to, I remember smashing my head into the ice many, many times and it's no wonder the kids are smarter then we ever were, it's amazing we can even see out of both eyes and talk in complete sentences. I think the best part about the whole skating thing is, all the time he's spending with his dad. It's a great thing to see them both out there laughing and learning together.

I also am taking a course in something new. I am taking a Yoga class every tuesday night for 7 weeks. Let me tell you how unflexible I really am.It's fun though. I must admit I am really seeing my age now though. I am approaching 30 this year and the old body is starting to lose it's spring. For those of you who don't know the lingo, we seem to spend a lot of time is a paticular postion called downward facing dog and when you are bent over completly and your butt it way up in the air and your blowing out all your bad air it's kinda hard to not blow your bad air out of places you would rather not when there is an innocent bystander right behind you. Needless to say Chili before Yoga, not a good plan. There's something you don't read about everyday. All in all though I do find it really relaxing and feel like my chi, or yen or whatever you call it is in a good place when I come home.

Well now I must retire so as to prepare for another fun filled day tomorrow. See you soon.