Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Does anyone remember me?

Well I can't blame anyone for not rembering me, it has been a very long time but I'm still here and living my life as usual.

I did however spend 10days in Kamloops B.C. with my good friend Tara and her kids. I took my little hellions with me and we took over Tara's house completly. We spent our day's swimming and being tourist's (me and my kids that is) and I did some hair but not as much as I would have liked. It was a good visit with Tara, I miss our chat's and no one pampers my feet like she does. We made some new friends and got re-acquainted with some old one's. Tricia and Marcy came up for a weekend and we had some good old fashioned girl time. We wandered the downtown strip and ate on a patio and also had an amazing sushi dinner that Tara even got brave enough to try a few new things. Belive me that was a feat and we are so proud of her. She won't eat pea's but liked the deep fried tofu, go figure! Tricia and Marcy are both expecting there third child and I am so happy for both of them. They were both glowing and radiant and I hope this heat isn't killing them. I have to admit though I'm not really envious of either of them. I do feel there is another baby out there for our family but he or she and I are not ready to be aquainted just yet. I finally got my body back to a shape I can reconize and I'm not ready to give it up just yet, but to all you expectant mommy's out there. Good Luck!

Our basement is almost finished. The paint is on the walls and the laminate floor goes in this weekend and then carpet on wednesday. YEEHAW!! I'm that much closer to not killing someone over my gross upstairs carpet and having to live in chaos.

The other big news is that I no longer do daycare for my girlfriend anymore and I have to say two kids is definalty easier then three. Once again good luck Tricia and Marcy. I have to admit I was pretty good at hauling around three kids but I am really happy to only have to do it with two.

I can't say anything profound has happened in the last few weeks, lot's of baby's being born and lot's more to come. I'm just trying to enjoy the last little bit of summer while I can and make the most out of my time with my oldest before he goes off to school in September. It's crazy he's that ols and even crazier that I to am getting older. The good part is so are all of you and that brings me great comfort. So here's to middle age girls and the best is yet to come.