Friday, October 13, 2006

Why Am I Awake??

Well It's 7:15am and the first time in a week I'm up way earlier then I need to be. So here I sit trying to thinkof something profound to tell you. I gotta say I'm stumped.

I used to be the worlds best morning person and now two kids, one husband, multiple jobs later I would give anything to be able to bury my head in my pillow till noon and not even acknowledge the fact that life began at 7am. Oh well kids grow up and one day I will look back on this think that was such a quick moment. Then I will roll over and go back to sleep, honest I will.

Well this past week has been interesting, my hubby has taken on a seconf job in order to purchase a few extra toys that he has been dreaming of. He didn't want to take from the family budget and for that I am thankful because it's tapped out. On the other hand that kida have barely seen him this last week. There missing him but they will have most of saturday with him and in the long run they will be fine. I grew up not seeing my dad as often as I'm sure he would have liked, but jobs and early bedtimes sometimes don't always mesh together well. I still love my dad and when he was with us we got all of him 110%. It won't be forever and when he buys me my very expensive birthday present (that he will I'm sure) it will make everything all better.

I have always been the one to work multiple jobs for our family, before and after babies. I know there are many dear friends out there who have always thought I work to much and should be able to just be at home and relax, but unfortunalty I'm not made that way. For example I currently juggle being a stay at home mom, with 3 that's right count em up 3 part time jobs. I have a small day home with 2 lovely kids in it, I work 2 to 3 times a week for weight watchers, and I also do hair at home for an increasing group of wonderful clients. I am proud to say that I drop off and pick up my son everyday at the school and even though I would like to volunteer more it would be hard with my daughter who is still pretty little (16 months). I have no regrets and have worked hard for everything we have. I'm happy that hubby is having a small taste of my life and hope he gets those toy's soon, so can enjoy his rewards.

Well speaking of school it's almost time to go and I don't think it would appropriate to drop him off and head out to walmart in my house coat (as sexy as I am.) See you after work!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's not a Tumor!!

It's my son, attached to my back that is already aching. Why is it when I want to take a few minutes to check my e-mail and catch up with a few friends the kids decide they should glue themselves to my body and drive me nut's.

I decided that the kids were not to play any video games at all today. Not because they have been bad but because I wanted them to actually use there very vivid minds that I know are in there. They are becoming so used to being entertained that they don't want to play lego or do puzzles any more and it's kinda sad that they would rather shoot people and monsters and not stare longingly at a square box. So today I made them actually play together and you won't belive it but they actually got along quite well. The boy's even sat in a chair together and read a book. What a crazy thing eh? I think I need to do this more often and find a few more thinking toy's for them. I know they have imaginations, they just don't use them enough. Computer games and video games are fun and useful for sometimes but not for all the time.

Am I a bad mom for doing this or should I have done this sooner? Let me know.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I Gobbled Till I Wobbled!!

And that is no lie. I can't belive how much I ate, it's almost embabaresing how much I stuffed in body, and then expected it to function normally. Well let me tell you it was struggling. I did manage to have a really good visit with my In-laws and that was the most important part. I have to tell you I am really fortunate to have a mother and father in law who treat me like one of there own. I my hubby ever died or ran off if someone floozy who was hotter then me ( yeah right he knows a good thing when he's got it) I know that my in-laws would never let me go. My father in law is especially good to me. He treats me like the daughter he's always wanted and nothing is too good for me. He is responsible for purchasing all my salon equipment and also for instaling it all. He always cooks all my favorites when I visit and then send me home with a car full of goodies. This weekend was no exception. I came home with ALL the leftovers. And when I say all I mean I came home with 10 count em up, that's right 10 tupperware containers full of Turkey, Stuffing, Veggies, Potatoes, Jelly, Sweet Potatoes, Cherry Pie, and all the Gravy. That didn't include the whole pumpkin pie that was on the floor of the backseat. And I also got the leftover carcass for soup as well. How's that for the mother load.
The only down side was my mother-in-law woke up sunday morning with a terrible flu and slept the whole day. Then I took home all the leftovers and she got none. Just on my own defense I was unaware that I was inheriting all the food or I would of made sure she got a plate of something. Oh well who am I to complain.

The kids also had a nice visit with my hubby's grandmother. She absolutley adores her great-grandkids and you can see it when she looks at them. That my friends is true love. That is the soul reason why women have kids in some case's. This women raised four of her own children and also raised my husband when his mom died when he was just 2months old. Grandma Hanson took over and raised him as well.

If I've totally confused you now, let me give you a brief summary. My husbands mom died when he was an infant. His real Father never wanted him. So when his mom passed away, Grandma raised him and when he turned 8yrs old, she took on the help of her son John. John raised him till he was grown with Grandma's help and so that is how he grew up. Now the man I call my father in law is actually Uncle John. Do you follow me now. My mother in law is John's long time girlfriend Sharon. They have been my in laws for the last 8 1/2 years. Which makes there love for me even more amazing because the ties we have created were just there and It show's me how much we were meant to be together.

Now back to the turkey, did I mention how freaking great it was. My father in law is the most awesome cook and he dominated thanksgiving dinner this year.

It is good to have another holiday over so that we can move ourselves a little closer to Christmas. I know I'm crazy for saying that but that's when the family arrives and that's when the fun starts. I can't wait to show them the city and do all the touristy stuff with them. We will even take an overnighter to Edmonton and do the mall and visit with my in laws once more.

Well I hope all your weekends were wonderful and you enjoy your turkey sandwich's all week. Till then.

Monday, October 02, 2006

I Blame The School For This!

My Son was complaining about a sore ear on saturday and I thought nothing about it, then yesterday he woke up with a slimey green eye. Can you guess what disease he has now. That's right you guessed it, Pink Eye. Even though it's more green then pink right now, that's what they are calling it. Not to mention the disgusting ear infection that caused the eye problem in the first place. Can it get any better. I blame school for this I know that it's not directly there fault but better them then me right. I didn't give him any of this, so which little minion with the dirty fingers did. Luckly for me Liam actually enjoy's being medicated and the drops don't bother him at all. He loves the doctor and was quite insistent that I take him to the clinic last night. I wasn't moving fast enough for him. Anything to be the center of attention wonder where he get's from??

Now it's Monday morning and I woke up to a beautiful snow fall this morning. I love waking up to white, and no that's not sarcasm. Growing up in Vancouver white was something you only saw once a year and the whole city would shut down. Now White is just part of my everyday life this time of year and it doesn't bother me at all. We had a beautiful summer and a short but lovely fall and now it's time for old jack frost to come a nipping. The only thing that I did realize this morning is that my poor baby girl has no winter coat. So off to the mall we go this morning to try and find one. I've waited many years to try and find just the right pastel pink or purple coat with hopefully a little faux fur on it to dazzle and woo all that are in her presense. Perhaps we will be able to find a matching pair of boot to accompany it. How lame am I but hey I only to get to dress her for ashort period of time and I'm going to froof her up till she's vocal enough to say no. Wish me luck and if your child has been any where near mine in the last four days keep a close watch on there eye's to. Sorry!!