Monday, January 30, 2006

Princess Practise!!

I had the extreme pleasure of attending a 4yr olds birthday party on saturday. Not just any party, but a Princess party at that. I'm teaching my son early that it's ok to be a boy at a chick party because the greatest reward is cake and ice cream at this point in his life. I happily volunteered to make the princess cake and I had so much fun cutting this big block of chocolate heaven into a beautiful pink crown for the birthday girl. I'm not sure if I had more fun decorating this masterpiece or eating all the leftover jelly beans and licorice and whipped vanilla icing. If I never see another piece of cake again it will be to soon. I have also had my fill of pink princess paraphanilia to last me a life time ( or until my daughter hits that stage ). I do look forward to making more birthday cakes though. I have already volunteered to make my girlfriends son's Batman cake for his party in march. I just have to work on my urge to cry when I see the parents unmercily cutting my masterpiece into serving sizes only for small hands to mash and smoosh it into something unreconizable. Oh well what do you expect when you use a chocolate fudge cake mix. ( Thank you Betty Crocker!! )

One rather sad moment did occur at this swingin' shindig. 98% of the party population was family and my son Liam and one other little boy were the only outsiders there. Liam was teased a little about not being a cousin and he didn't understand what the whole cousin thig meant. I come from a very small but very very tight family. I have two brothers and up until this last christmas only one grandparent. I have no Aunt's and Uncle's, and I have one cousin who is much older then me and has never really been a part of my life at all. I'm used to small family gatherings and it's never bothered me, but I was a little sad for Liam that he will probably never have what these kids have with there cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents. I hope that Liam will be able to really see the value of family by having everyone he's realted to fairly close together. Liam and Kelsey will never have to worry about ever wondering if there loved because there are smothered with love from every angle. They do have a one future cousin on the way in the next week or so and we are so looking forward to greeting this new little person to our family. There may not be alot of us but there is definatly enough to make us my favorite family.

I may not have the most exciting life to write about but hey at least I can still find things to think about on a weekly basis.

I did get to have a great visit with my wonderful girlfriend Tricia at the Calgary Airport on sunday. She of course looked stunning. It's amazing how someone who just spent a week in a farm house in Saskatoon, with no shower, is 11 weeks pregnant, just vommited on the plane while desending can still look absolutly gorgeous when I see her. Tricia you are a true jewel and I'm so glad I could be seen in public with you even if it was just for a short while. How did that sound Tricia aren't you glad I didn't tell people how rough you really looked. Just remember I love you anyway!!!!!!

Well till next time, keep commenting.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Keepin' your man happy!

I did something else today that I felt really good about. This last weekend was a crazy one and the only reason I survived it was because of a wonderful husband. So I took a moment to write down my appreciation and leave him a little note in his luch box today. He felt really good when he read it and I only hope he's half as touched by it as I am by his support. I run a hairdressing buisness from home and sometimes it consumes my household, but Patrick really eased my burden this weekend by helping with the kids and keeping them our of my hair (and everyone elses that was all over the floor). If you havn't told your other half lately how much you love and appreciate them perhaps it's time. Give your man an extra squeeze and see how good you both feel.
Mental Momma

Well today was definatly a day I am glad to see end. I really do love my kids, even my part time baby who hangs with us all day, 5 days a week, but today was truly not the best day for any of us. Our morning started out just fine and then at 11:30 when nap time rolled around all hell broke loose in my house. Even though sheer exhaustion set into both of the babies, they were in complete denial that they wanted to nap. So with both of them screaming like I'd beat them we had a full hour of sreaming, crying, and all out wailing. ( and that wasn't just the baby's) So while this is all going on I got the crazy idea that I should attempt to try and make lunch for Liam (my 4yr old). I mean how hard is it to make a grilled cheese sandwich, well obviously alot harder then you would think when two small children are both trying to out wail the other. I managed to burn two sandwich's to a crisp and drop one on the floor. Then I proceeded to throw my spatula in the sink with unnecessary force with caused it to ricochet out of the sink and into my blinds and on my window, which of course followed with a few words of frustration. All of this witnessed by Liam, who then told me I was being to loud!! (Can he not hear the wailing comming from the other rooms?) I eventually managed to get one child to go to sleep where he must have decided that for his own sake he sould stay asleep for quite awhile (3 hours to be precise) and I only had to deal with one infant. I'm sure the people who called during this episode must have been ready to send the big white van with matching coat over to save the children from my wrath, unfortunalty they never came and I had to find my own way of returning to planet parent.

I find great comfort in my kitchen when I'm ready to fall apart, so in order for me to get it together, I proceded to bake until I felt better. 8 dozen cookies later I felt much better. Funny how when nothing goes right something with chocolate always make the world right again. I have been trying desperatly to shed my execess baby weight but if these days continue, I'm going to look like I'm with child once more. Well here's hopin' tomorrow goes a little smoother.
Wish me luck!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

last night a few of us mom's decided that we needed an evening away from hubby's and babies. So off to the Cheesecake cafe we went and had a fabulous time, giggling and laughing and bonding as only women can do over rich dessert and great appy's. I love my time with my family and my husband is truly my favorite companion, but there's something very special about time with the girls. Your husband may love you unconditionly but he doesn't want to relive your labour story's, your waxing experiances, and share old boyfriend moments. Your girlfriends on the hand do and they enjoy reliving those moments with you. It's funny though how whenever a group of women get together it almost always revolves around food, and not just cheese and crackers but the kind of food that makes you fat just looking at it. Then we sit there and talk about our baby weight and love handles and shove another spoonful of cheesecake banana split into our mouths. I love that about women. When we moved to Calgary 2 years ago I thought adjusting would be hard, but as I sat around the table last night with 9 women ( 4 of which I just met) I felt truly blessed to be with them. My friends back home are un-replacable and our memories are near and dear to me, but the memories and friends that I'm making here are wonderful too. I have made some truly dear friends who look out for me on a daily basis and I don't know what I would do without them. They keep me laughing and are always willing to be the sound board when I need to vent. I know I was brought to this city for a reason and I can't think of a better place to live and couldn't ask for better influences to be around. I also have a wonderful man to support these friendships and encourage me to get out and have some fun and I can be at peace knowing he's at home with our babies. I am definatly looking forward to the next outing we embark upon and hope it's sooner then later. See you soon!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Well I've locked myself and the two babies down in the office with me so I can share a few moments. I always thought people who did this were crazy but now that I have my own I must eat crow and say it's actually kind of cool. I have friends and family in different areas of the country so now they can check up on me in the middle of the night if they feel the need.
Today was a typical day of craziness around my home. Me watching other peoples kids as well as my own and then more stopping by to have a quick visit with there kids. 6 to be exact. I really do love kids but days like this ensure I will not be having 6 of them. I have some friends who are so eager to watch there familys grow and I admire them for there devotion but I am just not there yet. I love my two right now and am enjoying having one of each and if I'm still writing in two years you may see me soften. I have a 4yr old son (Liam) and a 7 month old daughter (Kelsey). They are the my reason for being and the cause of my grey hair, but hey who said motherhood was perfect. I have a very devoted hubby (Patrick) who try's so hard to keep me sane, and he does a pretty good job. My day's are fairly typical, get up, feed three mouths, dress three bodies, and by the time that's done one is ready for a nap, then when that's done I can clean up the hurricane that swept through my kitchen, then another baby naps, then the other wakes up and by that time it's time for lunch and the hurricane starts over. Sounds awfully luxurious eh. Well it won't last forever and they say to enjoy these early years right? When does Kindergarten start??? Well I'm off to find more excitment, keep you posted.
A good friend of mine thought that this would be a good idea. Unfortunately I am surrounded by children right now so she has to write this for me. When I get a minute I'll write something intelligeble and hopefully entertaining.