Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Rib Mania!!

Liam loves meat!!!! and now I have the pictures to prove it.

I'm not bragging but I do make really yummy ribs and Liam loves to dig into a plate of these. This paticular night he went to town on his dinner. The kids are usually light eaters but recently Liam has really discovered the joy of eating. He's a pretty skinny kid so he can use the extra protein.

As you can tell by his plate the meal was a hit and the ribs were his favorite part. (7 or 8 in total). He got so involved while eating that when he was handling th slippery bone it popped out of his hand and somehow he managed to wear it. Thank goodness he was shirtless. If your wondering what that circle on his chest is it's a tattoo that wouldn't wear off but we managed to finally get it off with some elbow grease.

Our Princesses in the Making!! This sweet dress was given to the girls when Kelsey was just a baby and now Brinley fit's it. (thank you aunty tina ). She is sooo adorable in it and Kelsey was excited to share it and get dressed up fancy for church as well.
They were both so beautiful this paticular sunday morning that I couldn't not take a few pictures. I know I have the same picture on twice but it really was the best smile EVER!

I don't have any sisters to bond with this way so I'm a little out of my element some days with these two but so far they adore one another and I just hope most days they stay that way.

Bumbo Baby!

As you can tell we get lots of use out of our Bumbo Baby seat. Brinley loves to be sitting up, she always has.

Yes that's right she is up on the kitchen counter her favorite spot to be. She can see everyone and be apart of whatever's going on this room. If she's awake and I'm doing anything in the kitchen she's always right there with me. She quite often has a sibling up on the counter with her too. Sometimes the island is better then she can be on the top and the others are on there stools.

She really is to cute for words. At least that's her mothers opinion and I would love to hear anyone question me.

A Culinary Masterpiece!!
Liam loves to help me in the kitchen! We try to have him cook a few times a month so he can feel like he's contributing to the family and he always does a great job. He makes homemade pizza, homemade Mac and Cheese w/ ham, and now he's making homemade turkey meatballs with mushroom gravy. They were awesome!
He loves to work with his hands whether it's cooking or creating art or building his Lego creations he always keeps his hands busy.

We always look forward to a meal from this master chef who will one day not need me to feed him anymore and that makes me really sad. Oh well at least when he's all grown up and living on his own I know he won't starve.

There's nothing like a little girl time! Kelsey is a true middle child and being one myself I know how hard it can be to find your place in the family. Middle children are unique. They tend to like to be the center of attention but can be quite shy when put on the spot. We are boisterous and excitable and if your a girl your VERY girly! As is Kelsey and hopefully Brinley too. Brinley and Kelsey both have matching earrings and most of the time matching toes.
I have been know to spend way to much time painting my own toes and nails and now I get to do it for my little princesses. Kelsey has had a bit of challenge adjusting to a new baby around the house, It's been just her and I for so long now during the day that sharing mommy can be hard so we try to have some time each day to focus some attention on just her and this was one of those times. I love having girls to pamper, I remember my mom and I doing it when I was young and I love those memories with her I just hope I can give the girls as many wonderful memories as my mom gave me.

Awesome Great-Grandma! The kids decided that great-grandma deserved a status far greater then just great-grandma. So she is now affectionately known as AWESOME great-grandma. I think this title is well deserved as she is the foundation of this family and loved by all who know her. The kids love there visits with her as do mom and dad. She is always so full of love and affection for her great-grand kids that who wouldn't want to spend time with her. We cherish every moment we can with her and I am so glad to be able to give her the one gift she never complains about getting. More Grand babies.

Mommy Brain!!!

I just noticed that I have now posted twice about the baby blessing so please excuse my mommy brain and just enjoy the photo's and my lack of observance.
A Blessed Event!
The first weekend in July we blessed our sweet baby girl Brinley Evelyn Hanson. It was a wonderful day full of wonderful friends and family. Since we have no family here in the city we never know who will show these type of events and this time we were overjoyed by the turnout.In attendance we had the Brown family, the Dosko family, Grandpa and Grandma Hanson, the Klaussen family, the Mckinnon family and the Knaus family. It was soooo wonderful to have the people we love so close to us on such a special day. Brinley's gown was the very same gown I wore 32 yrs ago when I was christened and she was an angel in it. My dear friend Becky Ackroyd took some wonderful shots of her after the event so we could remember our baby B in her fancy gown.

Unfortunately this was the only picture I took all day. We had everyone back to the house for a BBQ after and I was a little preoccupied. Our family has grown so much in so many different ways but I will always be glad for these spiritual occasions that remind us who we are and what's most important.
Now we have a baptism to plan for next so stay tuned for those pictures soon to come in a few months.