Saturday, April 14, 2007

Apple Pie Made With LOVE!!
When we went to Edmonton for Easter my son wanted to make a pie with Great-Grandma. She was thrilled, a little nervous but thrilled all the same. Great-Grandam is the one who keeps this family going. She is the on that everyone looks up to, and loves unconditionaly. My children are no different. Our son is especially dear to her heart because she was right there the moment he entered the world. She was with us when he was born and has been right there to watch him grow ever since. She proudly shows all her friends her pictures of the kids when ever she gets the chance. So much so that one day we walked into her apartment building and my son went running down to her door and as we ran past a women in the hall she looked at him and say " oh my that's evelyn great grand son boy has he grown " I have no idea who that woman as but she knew my son and probably knows as mucha bout him as I do. I thought it was sweet. I loved watching them bake together and create this wonderful symbol of love and commitment to each other. Nothing says grandma like warm apple pie. I heard it even tasted really good, I never did get any, snooze you lose I guess. I hope the kids will have there Great-Grandma around for awhile yet so they can continue to make more wonderful memories with her.
I apologise for some of the sideways pictures your about to see but I havn't figured out all the kinks yet with this picture posting thing, but I'm working on it.

My Handy Work!!

So I tell everyone I'm a pretty good hairdresser and I like to think that I'm not to bad but here's the proof folks. These are my two friends Tracy and Renea from Edmonton. I spent Easter weekend making them both over. Tracy was a challenge because she is A) Pregnant and always wanting change (I can handle that) B) running out of hair to change (I refuse to cut it really short) C) Were heading out on holidays soon and being the only pregnant one she needs to be hotter then us because she can't shop for new clothes while were away so hair it has to be. I'm pretty proud of how it turned out, the back is actually inverted and so the layers in the back are many and she can wear it curly, strait, flipped out or under and the bangs were a really cute addition. We went with blond highlights because it's warming up and tracy looks HOT as a blond in the summer with her gorgeous Tan she always gets. She is on hot momma if I do say.

Renea was also a challenge. She has a BUTT LOAD of hair and it takes me about 3 to 3 1/2 hours to do the whole process. Not to mention we didn't start coloring her hair until about 11:00PM on Friday night. We were done buy 2:00 AM though, not bad on my end. We had been coloring her quite red with some blond highlights for quite awhile and it was time for a change. We took her back to a dark brown and loaded her up with lots and lots of blond. Her hubby loves her blond and I have to admit so do I. She has come a long way with me this year. She also let me wax her brows not that long ago and let me tell you there was a beautiful girl under those brows. It was a lot of work that weekend but here is the final result and I was quite pleased. You both look amazing and I'm looking forward to flauting you both off in Florida. If you think these two look good you should see what I did to Reanna, Renea's little sister, I promise to get a shot of her next time. What I won't do toTracy with the short cut I happily did to Reanna.

My Baby Girls Room!!

Well here it is folks, the room I was soooo proud of. This is my daughters room that I did all on my own. I'm quite proud of my creation and I hope she will grow to love it as much as I do. I also hope she doesn't plaster the walls in long hair rock star pictures like her mother did when I was young. My poor mom must have been so frustrated with me. Oh well I did my part and hopefully the words will inspire her to be a little more well behaved then her mom was.

Don't worry Nana I never did anything bad in my room ( there were to many other rooms to choose from ).

Friday, April 13, 2007

Keeping Tricia Happy!!

A) Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Weight Watchers Leader
2. Hairdresser (self employed)
3. Day Home Provider
4. CIR Realtors Receptionist

B) Four places I have lived:
1. Spruce Grove AB
2. Surrey B.C.
3. New Westminster BC
4. Calgary AB

C) Four TV SHOWS I love to Watch:
1. Numbers (the nerd math guy is CUTE)
2. Sex and the City
3. Friends
4. CSI

D) Four places I have been on vacation
1. Salsburg Austria (I was 17)
2. Banff ( My honeymoon)
3. California ( as a kid )
4. Florida ( as of may 5th it will be official )

E) Four foods I like:
2. Rice Cakes ( BBQ )
3. Lettuce Wraps ( frm Joeys )
4. Warm Cookies from the oven

F) Four places where I would rather be right now:
1. Florida with the girls
2. Spa
3. Asleep in my bed
4. Did I mention Florida

G) Four Hobbies or Games I enjoy:
1. Scrapbooking
2. Reading
3. Girls nights
4. Karaoke

H) Top four moments of my life:
1. Getting Married
2. Having my Children
3. Buying our first home
4. Booking a trip to Florida with no kids comming along.

Four friends I think will respond:
1. Hopefully Tracy because she is the only one who will find my Florida ranting funny.
2. Someone who can't think of what to blog today
3. Jen will because Tag your it.
4. Allison guess what Tag your it too. Ha Ha girls

I don't usually do stuff like this but I'm having one of those avoid the rooms where chldren might be. So I hope you enjoy.
Why Do I Care So Much!!

I have been blessed with friends who love me and look out for me. I like to think that I am a pretty low maintenance friend and don't require to much attention alot of the time. So when I have friends who need me emotionaly a little more then usual it's not really that big of a deal, but then why am I so danged overwhelmed by everyone else's lives.

I am a mother to two lovely kids so why am I forever feeling like I need to mother everyone else around me. I know that most of these people don't even care what my opinions for them may be but sometimes when I see people I care about making such STUPID choices I can't help but get frustrated that the obvious is right there and they are missing it completly.

So the question I pose is this... Why do I or we as women care so much? Why do I constantly think I have to take care of everyone and there kids and keep them fed and loved and coddled half of the time. These people have mothers and some even have sisters to do that for them. Why can I not just detach myself and say that it's none of my buisness and I don't need to be responsible for what goes on in there lives. Why do I care. I have always belived that I was a caring individual and I want to continue being that way but I just don't think I need to be lying awake at night pondering everyone elses problems especially when they don't even think they have a problem. I have the problem and I'm not sure how to change my inability to not get involved. Maybe I'm just nosey and need to feel involved, I don't know.

Help me Dr. Phil!!!!!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Moving up the Ladder!

On last wednesday night I attended my Weight Watcher meeting as usual and was chatting with my receptionists when I hear one of the girls say... "Look out were being observed". I turned around to see one of my W.W. peers standing at my door wanting to be let in. Sure enough I was to be observed that very night. Oh Crap!! Well she couldn't have picked a better night to come I have to say I was on that night.

Our meeting topic was handling holiday food and situations. I was also giving away the easter basket I had made and that was also the night I gave away all the point info on the candy. Well talk about well informed. It was the biggest meeting I had ever had and my members were fantastic. They were funny and chaty and most of the meeting was them helping each other I just had to steer the conversation the right way. Well the observer was thrilled with my meeting and had only good things to say and she moved me up the ladder to a Leader 2 postition. I now make commision on my members that attend my meeting and can move onto my next level of training.

I felt sooooo good after that meeting that I really knew why I do this job. I love to help people lose weight and feel good about themselves but I also just love my members. They are my family now and I can't imagine a week without them.
41/2 lbs of chocolate have been added to this body!

Yes that's right 41/2 lbs of stress and weekend hoildaying have been added onto this butt of mine and I am feeling a little remorse. Yet I still have a hard time with not wanting to eat all the candy I can find. Somethings never change and me and emotional eating are here to stay.

Our Easter weekend was not quite what I expected but there were some great moments that's for sure. I arrived late thursday night to the Brown home where I was greeted by the ever lovely Tracy and her luscious Sex in a Pan just waiting for my arrival. We were up until 2 am doing her hair which I must say turned out really cute. You have to understand Tracy is pregnant with baby #4 and gets bored rather quickly with her hair. It's a good thing I have a good imagination because pretty soon she's gonna end up bald. But this time we found a keeper I hope, even though her sweet hubby doesn't like it. too bad.

I worked all friday and dragged myself to bed at 2 am again after another rousing evening of hair and laughter with friends. I even taught Tracy how to foil her sisters hair and that was a hoot to watch. I must say though she did an awesome job and I am very proud of her.

Saturday we spent with Great-Grandma making apple pie. My son was so excited to help His Great-grandma make pie and she loved the time together. I have lots of pictures to show you and I promise to get them up this week. We then spent some more time with the Brown family at west ed. mall at the amusement park. The boys had a great time and we wore them all out quite quickly. Then the evening's entertainment was spent at a very nice resturant and then dancing at the lounge. We always have a good time when were all together and it feels so good to just let loose and be ourselves. That night didn't end until 1:00 am and I was really feeling it by the time we got back to the in-laws.

The next morning we decided we were ready to head home. Grandma and Grandpa were not interested in anything fun to do with the kids so we came home for our egg hunt and and just relaxed together in our own home. The kids were good all weekend and now my Florida trip is all paid for. The Boys leave this Saturday and they are really really excited.

Thank you Brown Family for making our Easter weekend enjoyable if it hadn't been for you it would have been a real drag of a time but you always know how to make the days exciting. Especially with Jamie and his coupon book. See you soon

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Am I The Good Witch or The Bad Witch?

I have had the lousyest couple of weeks I ahve had in a long time. I am overworked, underpaid, extremly tired and really tired of kids, work, demands and constant reminders of things I keep forgetting I have said I would do.

Then I have an incident with a family member and now I'm being asked " what happend to the compassionate Tammy we all used to know " well to tell you the truth I probably ate her!!!

I know I can be little short lately and well you try my life for awhile and see if you don't keep things short and to the point. I'm not a bad person but I just don't have the patience to sugar coat everything anymore. I'm sorry if I have hurt anyones feelings but life is black and white and if I don't see your grey ideas then to bad. I have grown up and maybe I do need to lilghten up a little bit sometimes, but I do alot for the people in my life and when I get slapped with guilt trips then I just don't have time for that.

The only person I really feel sorry for is my poor hubby. He gets the brunt of most things. He doesn't deserve that and I kbow he can't wait to go to Florida and escape his nutso wife for a few days. Maybe by the time he comes home I can saw off some of the horns and find his sweet compassionate wife that he married 9 yrs ago.

Sorry for the rant but I was unable to cry about it so here's what came out. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The truth will set you free and make you fat!

Since this is the week leading up to the Easter weekend and because of that I decided to do a little homework and see how depressing all the goodies can be. When I was a member of W.W last year at this time my leader took the time to look up all the points values of the treats and post them at the meeting for all of us to see. So I am doing you all the favor (if you want to look at it that way) and here they are.

Peeps (sugar coated marshmallow ducks) 2pts for 5 ducks.

Malted candy (whoppers) 5pts for 1/2 for 56grams (about 10 candys)

Hershey marshmallow egg coated in chocolate 2pts for 1egg

Cadbury mini eggs 3pts for 1 small snack bag

Reese peanut butter egg 4pts for 1 egg

Individual chocolate eggs wrapped in foil 5pts for 6

Cadbury creme egg 4pts for 1

Mr Solid, Mr Munchy, Mr Fruit & Nut 20pts for the whole bunny.

So what are you going to choose for the holidays. Carrots are looking pretty good right now actually. What I want to know is what would you put in your kids baskets if you decided that you wanted to make this holiday a little healthier.

I have been blessed with some really skinny kids but that doesn't give me a free pass to load then up with crap just because there not big. I heard on the news the other day that the obesity rate in Canadian children has grown so much that if your child is obese they will have a shorter life expectancy then there parents. That makes me what to cry. I was a plump little girl and thank heaven I learned early enough to take better care of myself, but who's teaching our kids if we don't. Please lets all try to make Easter a little more healthy this year and remember when Christ was resurrected he didn't come with a Mr. Solid bunny in his hand.

Have a happy Easter and Enjoy all your family has to offer.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Who Inspires You!!

That was the meeting topic at my Weight Watcher meeting last week. I don't pick the topics they are assigned to us from Weight Watcher International that way if you cannot attend your regular meeting the topics are the same all over the world. Well it got me to thinking... Who really inspires me.

1) My mom and dad - for always beliving that I could do whatever I put my mind to and never discouraged me from acheiving my goals. There are many times in my life now that I could call my parents and say " I guess you were right I should have listened " but hey I just said it on the internet so that's good enough.

2) My Husband - For always trying to make me a better person even when I don't want to. It's because of his faith in me that I have accomplished some of my greatest acheivments and I love that even though he may use some tough love sometimes it's really because he loves me.

3) My kids - Because they love me unconditionaly and that is the greatest feeling you will ever experiance. I'm not a perfect mom but they think I am and that means I have a lot to live up too.

4) My Friends - I could spend days describing how each friend I have drives me to be a better person but I can sum it up by saying that I have the best friends anyone could ever have. We may all be different and even make each other crazy sometimes but they are always there and when I need someone I can always find a friend to make the world make sense.

5) My Weight Watcher Members - I have an amazing group of people who insire me to keep going every week. I think every single one of them are amazing and each week they overcome obstacles that a lot of people would give into. They are inspiring and beautiful and I love being with them each and every week.

If I missed anyone or anything I'm sorry but if you can take a moment have a thought about who inspires you and let me know maybe they can inspire the rest of us as well.
Things that make me happy right now!

My clean house that only took an hour to clean because my hubby tidyed up Saturday and we did nothing on sunday.

Doing nothing on sunday for a change I think I actually got a day of a rest.

Being in my P.J's all say and not doing anything with myself for a change.

Having my hubby still hug me when I've done nothing with myself and I mean nothing.!

Watching my kids hug and snuggle on the floor and not bicker.

Hearing laughter at the dinner table when were all together.

Having girlfriends who just understand when it's unexplanable.

Clients who trust me and let my creative juices run wild on there hair.

I would have to say that my life in general is pretty good right now. I'm in a good place, I know there are lots of areas that need improvment but hey when the house is clean and the baby's are sleeping what else could you ask for.