Saturday, April 18, 2009

A New Freedom!!

I'm not sure if anyone even checks this blog anymore but for those who do, I am attempting to return once more. I have been given a new freedom that is quite liberating to say the least. I now have my very own computer!!!!! YAH!!!!

My dear hubby has finally gotten his own computer to play his games and not have to be slowed down by any of my own stuff in his machine. We share the office still which I must say is nice as we are still together but doing very seperate activites. I can now enjoy the freedom of hoping on line when ever I darn well feel like it. I can watch him conqer the world while I catch up on facebook and read my friends blog posts. It's the only time I really feel connected with the world. So bear with me as I try to make my blog a priority again but with the ver soon arrival of baby number three I make no promises.

Wish me luck!