Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Getting To Old For This!!!

I spent a fantastic evening with 3 hilarious women last night. All of a sudden I was flopping myself down in a strange bed at 2am and thinking that I'm really getting to old to be doing this but you know what I really don't care. It's worth the zombie brain to know that we bonded over brownie's, cheesecake, and more laugh's then I can even remember.

I will never cease to be amazed at what women can talk about and find so hilarious that our husbands would die if they ever knew what we were discussing, and it's not like we go into details about our personal lives in fact it's even more fun to discuss the people who were unfortunatly
for them not invited. People's lives are alway's more fasinating when discussed over chocolate and in the wee hours of the morning. Don't worry my friends I would never share any secrets that you wouldn't disclose about me in the heat of a moment. Most of my really funny stories are about Tricia and she herself knows she could write a blog only on her embarrising moments. And I know she shares these stories freely herself. Love Ya Tricia.

Well I know bed time will come early tonight but I really do hope to revisit this evening very soon. Thanks girls it was great!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I swear my friend's are all out to get me. You all know I'm trying to lose weight and everytime I turn around another person is pregnant. And what do these women what to do know. EAT!!!!
4 of my dearest friends are now bearing child and have left me to eat my rice cakes alone, thank's alot you guys. I just previously mentioned the burning love I have for my babies but that sure does not make me what to run out and create another one. My cup is full right now thank you. I watch you girls hurl your food, I observe your inablity to bend, twist, pick up stuff or even get a half decent night's sleep, I watch your ankle's swell, not to mention a few other luscious parts that are growing and I'm not talking about your belly's and your back's ache and you walk funny. You know what better you then me. I adore you all and couldn't be happier for all of you and I am hear to be your sounding board, your food rubber, your cookie supplier, and your shoulder to lean on or hold you up what ever come's first, but boy am I glad to have my body to myself. I only just recently got my boob's back from nursing my baby and now my body is my own to pollute at my every whim. My time will come again someday and I will eat my word then, but for the next 2 years I'm gonna bend over freely and eat all the garlic, salty, spicy, aspartame infested food I can.

Go baby's go!
A Mother's Restful Moment!!

It doesn't happen very often but every once in awhile I can get all three kids to sleep in the afternoon for a couple of hours. Now if I was good wife and mother I would be up stair's cleaning the kitchen that blew up and tidying up the wave of toy's in the living room, but NO I am hiding downstairs in my office where I can't hear them if they scream and just enjoying a few moments of peace and quiet. And also sharing a few moment with all of you in cyberspace.

I really do enjoy my kids and all there little antic's even though I want to strangle them at least once a day. When my little boy hug's me each morning and tell's me he loves me and then my little girl's first words each morning are MAMA MAMA MAMA, at the top of her lungs from her room, and then my little day care boy cry's when his dad comes to pick him up because he doesn't want to leave my house it makes me think I must be doing something right. It's moment's like these when I'm glad to be a women and have this chance to be with these little creatures. I love my life and every day I'm glad to be living it.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Construction / Destruction!!

Well no I havn't been eaten my aliens, just taken over by construction workers in my home. We decided that it would be fun to develop our basement and finally put it to some good use. Who's idea was that anyway??

We spent the entire Easter weekend doing it and thanks to my dad, my father in law, my husband, and a couple of very devoted friends we managed to get all the wiring done and all the drywall up. What a mess!!!!! The good news is that we passed all the inspections and now we need to finish it up. My father in law has returned this weekend to help finish the walls and what ever else they can accomplish. The good news is once the wall are up most of the destruction will be over. The bad news is my house looks like a war zone. I refuse to have anyone over who isn't family because I'm actually embarresed by the mess but what's the point in cleaning really! Oh well were making progress. My hubby has taken on the attitude that he won't stop until it's done and for that I am gratuful.

My salon area is very quaint, cozy and slightly cramped but we will make it work. We have picked out our colors and we didn't even have to raise our voices, pretty good eh? Were going with blues in the rec room and a pretty soft green in the salon. I want to make the salon a very peaceful and relaxing place to be in. It may be the only place I have for some serenity or was the sanity, either way it's my room and I'll do what ever I dang well please in it.

Easter was nice the kids (meaning my husband and son) got pumped full of the usual chocolate and candy. My daughter also has discovered the wonderful world of chocolate and is much happier when her mouth is stuffed full of it. There you have it her first step into womanhood.

It's always nice to have family visit but it's also nice to have our home to ourself again. I don't think anything will be the same until after the basement is complete.

Well I hope all is well with everyone out there. See you soon

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sore Assest's!!

I know the pursuit for the perfect body is a standard way of thinking these day's but we really should put a limit on what were willing to do to ourselves.

I decided since the weather has been so good to us lately I would try getting out and walking with the kids. I get exercise and they sleep more, fair deal right. Well yesterday I walked down to Liam's playgroup tp pick him up and they hiked home UP HILL for 30 minutes. Needless to say my ASSet's are killing me today. I could feel it as soon I regained conciousness this morning. I ache all over and this is suppossed to be good for me, yeah right. I will be thin I will be thin, I tell myself but at what cost I'm not sure. What kind of sacrifices are you guy's willing to take on your poor body's, let me know.