Sunday, May 23, 2010

Capturing A Rare Moment!

To know Brinley is to know that she is anything but a cuddly baby. She would have to stop running around first in order to actually sit long enough to snuggle. So when I plopped her on my bed with Kelsey I was thrilled to see her stay for a few moments.
Kelsey adores her baby sister but often finds it frustrating that she can't so as much with her as Liam can. She really enjoyed this little moment with her and we sure hope there are more to come.
I never had sisters growing up so this is unfamiliar territory for me. I hope they can get along as well as my brothers and I did but you never know with girls. Kelsey is a very passionate child and Brinley is a little bit of both most times. I can't wait to see her personality come out more as she grows. Or wait maybe I can?
I love you girls!

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