Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Day In The Life Of Brinley!

Brinley loves the dishwasher, taking things out, climbing in or whatever she can stick in it. This day Jen's dishwasher was calling her name and she couldn't resist.
Liam adores his baby sister. He dotes on her all the time and it's never a burden for him to play with her and chase her around. She gets so excited when she sees him comming.

She is truly our angel baby. I mean really look at that face how could you ever disagree with me.
More time with her big brother and her bottle, her two favorite things.
Busted for stealing the bottle before we ever left for church. He flower headbands are a little hobby of mine. I love them on her.
She's a tough little stinker. She enjoys pushing her siblings around on the wagon. She lights up when her brother and sister play with her and it's great to watch.
Now she waits for someone to push her. 
How I love this baby, she is a joy to be around and I love to watch her grow. 

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SAH in Suburbia said...

She sure is a cutie!!