Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big Hill Spring Trail!
If you asked me what I love the most about living in Calgary it would have to be the fact we are only 20 minutes away from hiking trails and places to explore in nature. Is it cold sometimes Yes but that's what they invented hats and gloves for.
Our best friends the Browns came down for the weekend to hang out at get back to nature with us and we had a blast. Liam is the only boy in the family and so when the Brown boys are here he thinks he's died and gone to heaven. Boy heaven that is! There wasn't to mnay pictures of the boys because they were off doing there own exploring. One of the things I love about the brown boys is they never leave a man behind. They stuck together and kept watch over each other and I never had to worry about them. Big Hill Spring is in Airdrie and the best part about it is you can't get lost up there. The paths go in a big loop so you always end up in the parking lot. We know we wouldn't lose anyone.

Brinley loves to be in her backpack with her Dad. She's warm and can see everything around her. What a life huh?

We really enjoy Jamie and Tracy's company. I've know Tracy since I was 17 and best friend doesn't even begin to start covering what she means to me. No one knows me better and loves me regardless. Jaime is also a great friend and I'm so glad my hubby enjoys them as much as I do.

Here are our great warriors ridding the world of anything dangerous except themselves.

Bailey was so thrilled to be out in the snow. It's her favorite place to be. We love having our furry friend to come hiking with us. She makes the day even more enjoyable. I wish I had her energy though. She is a true golden retriever in the fact that she never gets tired.

Stefan and Kelsey have decided that being good pals is way more fun than fighting all the time. They had a great time together exploring every stick and tree they could find. It was pretty stinkin' cute!

I just love this shot of Brinley. She is the cutest baby EVER! I know you all think your babies are the cutest but really I would have to argue with ya. She takes the cake in my opinion! lol

After our adventure we were ready to climb back in the van and start back home. We were tired and little sore from slipping on the ice a few times and ready to end our day with a great meal and more good memories.

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